I never planned to dive into the field of education; it just happened while I was on a quest for something fulfilling. Reflecting on those early experiences, I realise how they shaped my commitment to redefining the path of education and empowerment.

My motivation comes from the belief that education lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Staying grounded and embracing lessons from every experience has always been my mantra. Little Elly's success is a team effort; any recognition it garners is a tribute to the dedicated team and the wonderful families we serve.

My journey in education, peppered with accolades and prestigious awards, underscores my commitment to fostering positive change. What truly fulfils me are the small victories – a child's first successful attempt at tying shoelaces or the spark in their eyes when they grasp a new concept. I'm grateful for the chance to contribute, in my humble way, to the beautiful tapestry of education, be it through Little Elly (our preschool chain), Glentree Academy (our K-12 Schools), LETTER (our teacher training academy), or Elly Childcare (our corporate childcare venture).