I am optimistic in life. I love to work in a challenging atmosphere as that helps me focus on my strengths and think creatively. As an educationist, my focus is mainly on maintaining good mental health among adolescents. I love counselling parents and teachers to strengthen their relationship with the children and students accordingly. My thirst is to reach out to the young adults who are disturbed and require a shoulder to cry on. This has made me excel in my academic pursuit and get a doctorate in Education Psychology. My main focus is on ensuring that every student learns with love and understanding. We also create IEPs for those who need them. We offer a basket of 22 different subjects in the senior secondary to make their learning effective and purposeful. During this journey as an educationist, I received numerous awards which include the CBSE Mentor Award, Top Effective Principal Award by EducationToday, Best Principal Award in the International Category by Science Olympiad Foundation and much more.