Hailing from the landscapes of Dehradun, my journey started at Tula’s Institute, challenging norms in education management at the age of 22.

Motivated by a passion for breaking barriers, I transitioned to Tula's International School, implementing innovative strategies that made it a premier co-ed boarding school swiftly. Beyond administrative prowess, I instilled a culture of ambition, emphasising academic achievement and passionately nurturing students' dreams.

Venturing into entrepreneurship with 'NetPuppys' showcased my marketing prowess, challenging gender norms in the competitive arena. I’m honoured with titles like 'Women Eduleader' and 'Education Evangelist,' along with awards like the 'Today’s Woman Award' and many more. Completing programmes at Oxford and Harvard enriched my leadership acumen. This Women's Day, let’s celebrate women who exceed expectations and pursue excellence relentlessly. Their resilience and unwavering spirit are a testament to the limitless potential of women. Let's honour their contributions, reflect on our progress, and continue to inspire future generations to break through barriers.