Fuelled by a lifelong affection for children, my intentional decision to work with children led to a serendipitous introduction to Montessori in 2003. Taking the Montessori course marked a pivotal, life-changing experience, profoundly shaping my educational philosophy. The child-centred learning and emphasis on independence resonated deeply with my passion for nurturing young minds.
This commitment extended into establishing both Chimes Montessori and Tenbroeck Academy. Both institutions stand as a testament to my dedication, creating environments where each child can unfold their unique potential. The fusion of Montessori education, coupled with a harmonious blend of art and sports, contributes to a holistic educational journey.
Women have an innate ability to nurture children. This quality helps me connect with children almost instantaneously. Also, I’ve had the privilege of watching hundreds of children grow. I find this extremely fulfilling. The strength of a woman lies in her resilience, adaptability, and collaborative spirit. These qualities enable women to thrive in diverse environments and make a significant impact. Women supporting women creates a beautiful network that challenges stereotypes. Through collaboration and shared knowledge, we can make a significant difference. We have over 100+ women working between both my schools – Tenbroeck Academy and Chimes Montessori.