I've spent over 13 years in various roles across IT & Telecom organisations before diving into the world of education. This shift was driven by my deep-seated desire to make a meaningful difference in someone's life, which led me to focus on teaching and subsequently into school administration. My journey in education has been about more than just a career; it's been my way of contributing positively to society. My aim has always been to advance knowledge and make a lasting difference in the lives of children. This passion drove me to adopt a hands-on approach in school leadership, focusing on developing strategies that support student learning and empower them to be self-reliant, future-ready citizens. To innovate in education, I've specialised in implementing best practices that enhance student learning experiences, including building teacher capacities. Our focus on empowering students has led to significant achievements for our school, including awards for Best Emerging School of the Year, Climate Action Award, Excellence in Learning Assessment, and notable recognitions in social and emotional development programmes, among others.