I embarked on my journey into matrimony in my youthful 20s, and while domestic responsibilities consumed a significant portion of my time, my unwavering dream of establishing an educational institution that not only fostered academic excellence but also nurtured the athletic aptitude of children, remained steadfast. My dream of creating an educational institution that championed both academic and athletic excellence took root, inspired by my daughter Akshitha's achievements in tennis and academics. Akshitha’s ability to seamlessly balance her sporting and academic pursuits, culminated in the attainment of a gold medal in her MBA. This inspiration fuelled me to create an educational space where academics and sports share equal prominence. The school features a state-of-the-art sports centre and dedicated time for outdoor activities, encouraging students to pursue their athletic passions. Recognising the importance of academic support, I introduced focus study groups to enhance learning and reduce the reliance on private tuition. This holistic approach has not only fostered a nurturing environment for students to excel in both realms but also empowered women through employment, contributing to community growth. In this journey, we have received numerous recognition and accolades like Eco-School of The Year, Education Stalwarts, Most Inspiring Primary Schools and much more that act as a motivation to strive harder.