Empowering Educators: North Educators’ Summit 2024

Mark your calendars, educators of the North! Get ready for an epic day of learning, inspiration, and innovation at the North Educator’s Summit 2024! This one-day power-packed event takes place on August 30th at The Crowne Plaza Gurugram hosted by Education Today. It’s your chance to connect with fellow educators, ignite your teaching passion, and discover fresh strategies to empower your students in today’s ever-evolving landscape. Buckle up for talks, winning awards, and networking opportunities that will leave you energized and brimming with new ideas to take your classroom to the next level!

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Our company, Education Today in India is focused on providing resources and information in the education sector. We operate an online portal that helps students and educators find schools, colleges, and universities. We also publish a monthly magazine with a focus on K-12 education, featuring educator interviews, articles on current educational issues, and school rankings. Founded in 2013, Education Today is a one-stop for educational news and information in India, especially helpful for those navigating the K-12 system.

Being extremely passionate about improving the quality of education in India, we here at EducationToday strongly believe in recognizing and celebrating high-performing educational institutions across India every year through its annual events – National Conference on K-12 Leadership, India School Merit Awards, India’s Prestigious Jury Awards ceremony, Maharashtra Educator’s summit, Maharashtra School Merit Awards, and this August will be North Educator’s Summit and North School Merit Awards.

The Process of Getting Ranked and Winning The Award

Our mission is to find the best schools in North India and encourage them for their efforts. We at EducationToday made a perception-based ranking system for schools, one with utmost transparency. Top-ranked schools are felicitated in our magazine’s special edition dedicated to rankings. Here’s a breakdown of how a school might get ranked.

1. Survey Distribution:
  • Education Today distributes surveys through various channels like online platforms (Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc) and mail to schools across India.
  • ● There are separate questionnaires for educators and parents.
2. Data Collection:

The surveys delve into various aspects of the school, including:

  • ● Academic reputation
  • ● Digital learning advancement
  • ● Individual Attention to Students
  • ● Future Proof Learning Infrastructure
  • ● Student Advancement & Mentoring
  • ● Leadership in Quality Management
  • ● Teacher’s Advancement & Well-being
  • ● Psychological Well-being of Students
  • ● Holistic Education
  • ● Value For Money
  • ● Co-Curricular Education
  • ● Sports Education
  • ● Innovative Teaching
  • ● Community Service
  • ● Integrated Learning

3. Multi-Layered Analysis:
  • ● A team of specialists analyzes the survey data along with past achievements of the schools.
  • ● An expert jury also weighs in with their insights.
4. Parental Input:
  • ● Education Today considers parental feedback a crucial factor.
  • ● Schools are encouraged to invite parents to participate in the survey, providing valuable insights into their satisfaction with the school.
5. Ranking and Awards:
  • ● Based on the combined analysis of surveys, jury input, and parental feedback, schools are ranked and parental feedback, schools are ranked and awarded in various categories.
  • ● The results are published in a special edition of their magazine and announced at their National Conference.

The awards are given as a result of our survey which is conducted a month in advance, to rate and list the best educational institutions. We receive about 500 plus survey forms each year from top schools across North India. The survey involves a thorough analysis conducted by our research team and the panel of jury members. These jury members are experts in the field of education and are well-acquainted with all the factors that deem an educational institution as one of the best in India.

The selection process and ratings will be based on various parameters and categories. Parent voting will play an essential role. The schools need to upload their logo on the EducationToday portal. Receiving votes from the parents of the schools will increase the chances of the school being listed in the magazine.

This whole process is a huge challenge owing to the diverse number of schools in North India, all the way from Aanganwadis to the elitist private institutions, each with countless variations. Some are funded by the center, others by the state, and still more get direct funding from industrialists, NGOs, and the like. Then all the education boards have to be taken into consideration – CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB plus an overwhelming number of state boards.