According to a press release, the MoUformalizes the collaboration between the two educational institutions in key areas comprising student and faculty exchange, collaborative research projects, collaborative online international learning projects, knowledge exchange programmes, and other academic cooperation in fields of mutual interest. The ceremony was held at the corporate office of the Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions where a 10-member delegation from the University of Denver (DU) and the leadership team of the JaipuriaGroup were present. The University of Denver delegation was led by Mary Clark, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, and Dr UttiyoRaychaudhuri, Vice Provost for Internationalization, along with senior leadership across the university including Deans and Directors. Chairman ShishirJaipuria represented the Jaipuria Group along with Dr. Daviender Narang, Director of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Dr Rajiv R. Thakur, Director General of Jaipuria School of Business, and Shalini Nambiar, Director Principal of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Ghaziabad.