"Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does." ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

In the field of education, it is imperative to stress the importance of genuine connections and authentic relationships in human experience. Jean-Paul Sartre, a prominent French philosopher of the existentialist tradition, emphasises individual freedom within these connections. At Redbridge International Academy (RBIA), the relationship between parents and teachers goes beyond mere transactions, serving as avenues for existential engagement where each party affirms the other's existence and agency. This symbiotic alliance not only focusses on the nature of academic growth but also nurtures the holistic development of young minds. 

At RBIA, the parent-teacher dynamic is inspired by Sartre's idea of "authenticity," encouraging both parties to engage in sincere dialogue and mutual respect. This fosters trust and collaboration, aiming for the holistic development of students. This idea was put into practice and is evident through the implementation of ‘The We Are Listening’ series wherein the school management, faculty and parents espoused in healthy dialogue to delve into student experience within and without the campus grounds of the institution. RBIA also integrates Indian educational philosophy, viewing teachers as crucial figures in the educational journey and extending the pedagogical dynamic to parents. This ensures a seamless transmission of knowledge between home and school.

When split into ancient Greek, the word pedagogue denotes a person who walks children from home to school ensuring their safety. Superimposed on the learning model followed at RBIA, parents pass on their custodianship of their child’s educational journey, both literally and figuratively, with the very act of bringing their wards to school. Therefore, the institution emphasises the role of teachers in guiding students from unaided learning to learning with support, with parents playing a vital role in this process. Through continual social interaction and problem-solving, students develop independence and critical thinking skills. 

Practical strategies derived from these philosophical insights are exemplified in myriad ways. Promoting open communication which manifests itself through the daily upload of academic progress of each individual student onto a shared parent and teacher e-platform is something the entire school community actively partakes in. Secondly, the school encourages organising parent-teacher dialogues in which PTMs conducted at the end of each of the three semesters play a crucial role. The school also involves parents in educational initiatives in activities like CAS programmes in the IBDP. 

At RBIA, parents and teachers work together as partners in the child's educational journey, creating a harmonious environment that guides students toward intellectual and moral growth.