In the history of educational excellence, the name of Mr. Iqbal Ahmed shines with a resplendent brilliance, epitomizing the very essence of a visionary leader. Born into the esteemed lineage of Mrs. Amina and Mr. Abdul Rahim Ahmed, distinguished members of the Beary community in Mangalore, Mr. Iqbal Ahmed's journey commenced in 1944 with the promise of greatness. From the verdant landscapes of Mangalore, Mr. Ahmed's educational journey began, imbued with the richness of his surroundings and the wisdom of his forebears. Under the guidance of his illustrious father, Mr. Abdul Rahim, a revered Judge within the erstwhile Madras Presidency, encompassing Kerala, Mysore, and present-day Karnataka, young Iqbal was instilled with the values of integrity, compassion, and intellectual curiosity.

Mr. Ahmed's academic journey began in Mangalore, where he pursued his studies and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree. Possessing an innate charm and an aura reminiscent of a hero, he embarked on a career as a property developer, swiftly carving out a distinguished niche for himself in the industry. As his business flourished and he attained success, an inner yearning for more meaningful pursuits began to stir within him. In 1971, fate intertwined his path with that of Mrs. Maimuna, marking the inception of a new chapter in his life. It was this union that catalysed a profound shift in his aspirations, igniting a passion for educational endeavors. The year 1982 witnessed a pivotal moment as Mr. Ahmed decided to relocate from Mangalore to Bengaluru, to expand his business empire. Little did he know that this move would herald the genesis of a remarkable journey into the realm of education.

Mr. Ahmed's upbringing was steeped in a milieu where core human values held sway. From his formative years, he imbibed the virtues of humility, honesty, and compassion, alongside a steadfast commitment to duty, discipline, and dedication. This robust foundation laid the groundwork for a deep-seated desire to contribute meaningfully to society at large. Despite enjoying material prosperity and the ability to luxuriate in life's comforts, Mr. Ahmed harboured a profound conviction that true fulfillment lay in giving back to society with gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon him. While contemplating avenues for impactful social change, he pondered various philanthropic gestures such as alleviating hunger, providing healthcare to the underprivileged, and offering monetary aid to struggling families. However, he understood that these acts, while noble, might offer only temporary relief, lacking a lasting impact. It was during this introspective phase that Mr. Ahmed's epiphany struck: the provision of quality education at affordable cost emerged as the most enduring legacy he could bestow upon future generations. Recognising education as a lifelong asset, he resolved to bridge the gaping chasm of economic disparity by ensuring that access to quality learning was not contingent upon financial means. In his unwavering belief, education stood as the cornerstone of societal progress, shaping not only the destiny of individuals but also the trajectory of the nation at large. This noble pursuit exemplifies Mr. Ahmed's profound commitment to fostering enduring change and empowering the marginalised segments of society.

This marked the humble inception of the first generation in his family to venture into the realm of education in 1972, with the establishment of St. Paul's School in JP Nagar, a collaborative effort alongside his cousin, Mr. Nissar Ahmed, who is presently the Chairman of the Presidency Group of Institutions. This inaugural step laid the foundation for an illustrious journey that knew no bounds.

The fruition of Mr. Ahmed's aspirations materialised in 1988 with the establishment of Little Flower Public School in Banashankari, Bengaluru. Beginning humbly in a small, rented premises with a mere dozen students, the school blossomed into a revered institution over 35 years. Today, it stands as a paragon of educational excellence, housed in its own premises, and renowned for its sterling reputation of nurturing bright minds. Little Flower Public School has garnered widespread acclaim as one of the most sought-after educational establishments in South Bengaluru, distinguished for its firm commitment to delivering quality education at an accessible cost.

Driven by an insatiable desire to enrich society and uphold the ethos of providing quality education at an affordable cost, Mitra Academy emerged on Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru in 2003. Over two decades later, the institution stands as a beacon of educational excellence, firmly entrenched in its premises, and renowned for its transformative impact on the educational landscape of South Bengaluru. Both Mitra Academy and Little Flower Public School have earned the distinction of being the premier educational institutions in the region, serving as the preferred choice for discerning families.

Having achieved his vision of creating exemplary educational establishments, Mr. Ahmed, now an octogenarian, finds contentment in the realisation of his aspirations. Despite his advanced years, he remains imbued with youthful enthusiasm and steady dedication. His fondness for spending time amidst the innocence of children serves as the cornerstone of his vitality and well-being, a testament to the profound joy derived from his life's work.

The support of his family has been instrumental in enabling Mr. Ahmed to pursue and manifest his aspirations. At the forefront stands Mrs. Maimuna Iqbal, whose devoted encouragement and solid presence have been a source of strength through every trial and triumph. Serving as a pillar of support, she has provided a nurturing environment for Mr. Ahmed to flourish and persevere, weathering the storms of adversity with resilience and grace. Many kith and kin, inspired by his noble vision, made the courageous decision to relocate from Mangalore to Bengaluru, dedicating themselves to the noble cause of educational upliftment. Their collective efforts have borne fruit, with numerous educational institutions established under their stewardship emerging as esteemed bastions of learning, garnering acclaim not only in Bengaluru but also across various districts of Karnataka. This familial solidarity and shared commitment underscore the profound impact of unity and collaboration in realising transformational change within society.

With a forward-thinking mindset and a commitment to preserving the legacy of educators within his family, Mr. Ahmed welcomed his son, Mr. Tanveer Ahmed, into the world with a purpose aligned with this vision. Assuming the role of CEO for both schools, Mr. Tanveer Ahmed brings with him a robust academic background. After completing his degree in Electronics Engineering, he pursued a Master’s in Business Administration from Indiana University, USA. Despite the allure of a lucrative career abroad, Mr. Tanveer Ahmed chose to return to India, driven by a profound sense of duty to carry forward his father's educational legacy. In addition to his academic achievements, Mr. Tanveer Ahmed has fortified his credentials by obtaining a Bachelor’s in Education and is currently pursuing his Masters, thus augmenting his capabilities for leadership in the realm of education. Actively spearheading academic initiatives and playing a pivotal role in school administration, he has been instrumental in elevating the performance of both institutions, propelling them to the pinnacle of educational excellence in Bengaluru and beyond.

Mr. Iqbal Ahmed's pursuit of perpetual educational excellence went beyond his immediate endeavours; he sought to ensure everlasting continuity for future generations. This aspiration found fruition through the union of his son with Dr. Nafeesa Ahmed, Director of the Presidency Group of Institutions, and the daughter of Mr. Nissar Ahmed, Chairman of the Group. Dr. Nafeesa Ahmed boasts an impressive academic background, encompassing a graduate degree in Business Management, a postgraduate qualification in English Literature, and a Bachelor's in Education. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge culminated in a Master's in International Management from the University of London, followed by a recent Doctorate in Education Management from France, Europe, showcasing her firm dedication to educational excellence. This alliance not only strengthens the family's commitment to education but also reinforces their vision of nurturing future generations. Their collective dedication spans an astonishing platinum (75) years, a testament to their continuing legacy and unparalleled contributions to the field of education.

With his conviction that no child should be deprived of education on account of affordability, he personally looks into deserving cases of students. He offers waivers or concessions continuously to ensure continuity in education.   At no point in time has any student been singled out for default in fees, as he strongly believes that the child is not at fault for this.

What sets these institutions apart is the hands-on involvement of the management in both administrative and academic affairs. Unlike conventional practices where management delegates academic matters to the hired team, here, the management plays a pivotal role in driving academic initiatives. This proactive engagement empowers the institutions to maintain a competitive edge and deliver superior quality education.

While individual vision is crucial, it is ultimately the collective effort of a dedicated team that propels an institution toward greater heights. In this regard, the institution has been exceptionally fortunate to boast a cadre of committed leaders and team players. Figures such as Mrs. Savithri, a trustee and the founder Principal of Mitra Academy, Dr. Mrs. Gayethri Devi, Principal of Little Flower Public School, and Mrs. Vani Trilok, Principal of Mitra Academy, exemplify successful leadership in fostering best-in-class teams for academics.   Good administration and money control go hand in hand with academics for the growth of any institution.   Mrs.Latha Ragukumar, Trustee and CFO has provided this stability with her relentless dedication to serving the institutions.

The institution takes pride in its consistent recognition through accolades and awards, serving as a constant source of motivation to strive for continuous improvement. This recognition fuels the institution's drive to reinvest in quality enhancement initiatives, perpetually raising the bar. Moreover, the institution serves as a livelihood for numerous individuals employed across various capacities, with employment opportunities continuing to expand alongside the institution's growth.

Covid years brought out the best from both the institutions, ably supported by the management. What was heartwarming is that there was no retrenchment, and all employees got their salary payments even during these testing and difficult years.   This again was due to the thoughtfulness and large heart of Mr. Iqbal Ahmed.

The strength exhibited by both the institution and its students, alongside the numerous accolades, awards, and the reputation gained goes to show that Mr. Ahmed is a true Legend in the field of Education. His untiring dedication remains as fervent today as it was at the inception of the schools. Mr. Ahmed firmly believes in the adage that improvement is an ongoing process, driving him to continuously strive for excellence.

Another positive aspect of the institution is its balanced emphasis on both co and extracurricular activities, fostering the holistic development of students. This comprehensive approach equips them with the necessary skills and resilience to navigate the challenges of the outside world with confidence.

The awards and accolades received stand as a testament to Mr. Ahmed's deep-rooted passion for education driven by a sense of social responsibility. His overarching goal is to shape students into well-rounded individuals, instilling in them not only knowledge but also values of duty, discipline, and dedication to guide them through life's endeavours.

The recent conferral of the Lifetime Achievement Award - 2023 upon Mr. Iqbal Ahmed unequivocally solidifies his status as a true legend in the field of education. He stands as a beacon of inspiration, a leader in shaping the future leaders and torchbearers of our nation. The education sector has greatly benefitted from his dedicated contribution. Embarking on this noble journey at the young age of less than thirty, Mr. Ahmed has dedicated his entire life to the cause of education. His profound impact will resonate for generations to come and future leaders will hold him in high regard for his invaluable contributions.

Further strengthening the LEGEND, in the cause of Education,  is the Power Couple Award 2023, bestowed upon his son, Mr. Tanveer Ahmed, and daughter-in-law, Dr. Nafeesa Ahmed. This accolade reinforces the enduring influence of the educator within him, ensuring that his legacy will continue to shine brightly for eternity.

While the adage suggests that behind every successful man there is a woman, the dynamic here is slightly different. Mrs. Maimuna Iqbal has undoubtedly been the backbone of his success, yet Mr. Tanveer Ahmed and Dr. Nafeesa Ahmed have played pivotal roles in ensuring stability within his institutions.

As a Rotarian, Mr. Ahmed actively participates in philanthropic activities, further demonstrating his dedication to giving back to society. Despite his busy schedule, he maintains a healthy balance, cherishing moments with his grandchildren and prioritising quality time with his family, alongside his unwavering dedication to his passion for education. Apart from his collective efforts in philanthropy, his efforts for this cause as an individual have had more far-reaching effects on countless families and touched the hearts of many.  Mr. Iqbal Ahmed embodies the essence of education in every aspect of his life. He serves as a shining example for the younger generation to emulate and draw inspiration from. As we look ahead, we anticipate even greater contributions from this esteemed figure in the field of education, enriching the lives of future generations. Mr. Ahmed's legacy as a true legend in education is indisputable.