Continuous motivation towards the building of confidence and aiming for excellence, never grows dim at Pinegrove. New talent gleamed brightly at Pinegrove School, Dharampur on 10th April, 2024 in the grand school auditorium, 'The Colosseum' as 'TALENTOSO proved a befitting name for showcasing the impressive enthusiasm of the new teachers and students on campus.  With a warm welcome from the School Brass Band, budding emcees stepped up and the curtains were unveiled. A soulful masterpiece of maestros Gulzar and AR Rehman - 'Bandeyare Bandeya' resounded as the new members of the Indian Music choir took the stage. Captain (Hony.) Malkiat Singh, the new School Band Master, enthralled the audience as he echoed beautiful melodies from his bagpipe.This was followed by 'Ek Tha Gadha Urf Aladad Khan', an interpretation of Sharad Joshi's famous  play that sent the audience into peals of laughter. Thereafter, the new dance teacher, Ms. Kritika Thakur, dazzled the stage with her mesmerizing classical Kathak performance. The dulcet tones of the new members of the Western Music choir coupled with the thought-provoking lyrics of Lenka's'Everything at Once', was a treat to the ears. A lively solo dance of Krishiv Gupta of 5B, unfolded into a powerful and thought-provoking mime on digital dependencies - 'The Side Effects of Mobile Phones' that enraptured the audience. New matron, Dr.Rajinder Kaur's patriotic musical rendition instilled feelings of national pride, while an electrifying fusion of Gujrati Garba and Rajasthani Ghoomar left everyone ecstatic. The stupendous musical performance of SriyaGurung of 9B concluded the event. Even as the curtain fell, the excitement did not recede as all the new members received resounding applause and boosting encouragement. The Pinegrove School Song rang out with heartfelt school spirit.

Source-Press Release