Exceptionally innovative and forward-thinking, Deepika Jindal is the Creative Head and Managing Director of Jindal Lifestyle Ltd. A pioneering personality, Jindal has successfully redefined the position of stainless steel for 21st-century modern India. Having sparked a design revolution in the country, she formally began her design career with the introduction of Arttd'inox, a Jindal Lifestyle Ltd brand that embodies ‘art in stainless steel’.

She places India’s heritage artisans at the forefront of a global panorama, presenting their handcrafted magic to the world. Her unique approach of transforming stainless steel as an expression of art to foster an eco-conscious contemporary lifestyle is path-breaking and path-defining.

In what would have been considered a non-traditional female occupation in the past, particularly in a male-dominated industry such as heavy manufacturing of stainless steel, today, she stands confidently in the limelight among highly competent women leaders. For the uninitiated, Deepika Jindal completed her education at Loreto House and then married into the prominent Jindal Steel family at an early age. Even amidst the responsibilities of being a wife and mother, she never lost touch with what she loved –design and decoration. On special occasions and family gatherings, she’d take charge of the home makeover and eventually moved on to designing and curating stainless-steel decor.

The business potential of shaping stainless steel into desirable lifestyle objects became clear through her multiple travels abroad, during which she witnessed first-hand the wide variety of uses to which the material has been put for decades. Through the help of her design team, she eventually transformed everyday objects into elegant shapes and forms that were a refined display of artistic brilliance. Her unconventional perspective on the metal opened up new avenues of exploration, prevailing the inception of Arttd’inox.

Representing a stunning encapsulation of a timeless design house, Deepika Jindal’s curation for Arttd’inox is a nouveau-take on stainless steel merchandise, finished with exceptional artistry and timeless craftsmanship. Under Jindal’s leadership Arttd’inox has won the honorary Red Dot Award, besides acclaimed awards such as EDIDA and India Design Mark. Additionally in order to further her mission of raising awareness about the benefits of stainless steel, Ms. Jindal opened The Stainless Gallery. 

Deepika Jindal often steps out of the boardroom to pay forward the kindness that life has shown her. The pursuit of financial independence and professional growth remains her primary goal. As chairperson of the Jindal Stainless Foundation, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) wing of Jindal Stainless Group, she has spearheaded several projects focussing on educating, upskilling and empowering women such as the Self-Help Group programs, the Sahaja Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Unit and others. 

A recipient of the honourable PDH Astitva award, she is also the Chairperson and mentor of O.P. Jindal Modern School and Vidya Devi Jindal School in Hisar, Haryana (India) and Chairperson of O.P. Jindal Cancer Hospital and N.C. Jindal Institute of Medical Care & Research. 

On a personal front, Ms Jindal loves to travel and spend time on spiritual pursuits in her spare time when she is not spending quality time with her family. She ensures following a mindful lifestyle and strongly believes in sustainable principles. 

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