Pioneering the Future of Education with Visionary Leadership 

With a doctorate in Philosophy, an abundant wealth of knowledge, and umpteen years of experience to her credit, Dr. Sara George Muthoot's commitment to education and social welfare for more than five decades has contributed substantially to shaping the nation's education policies and reforms.

An epitome of grace, poise, and simplicity, her personality is a harmonious blend of the traditional and the modern, emphasizing nurturing Indian values and ethos amongst the children. Her quintessential attributes make her a perfect role model to many aspiring career women, particularly in education.

St. George's School began its remarkable journey under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Sara George Muthoot to be one of the most renowned schools in Delhi after coming under the aegis of The Muthoot Group in 1982, She took over the reins of the school as Principal in 1982. At that time, the school had two branches - Greater Kailash and Defence Colony. From then to its present status of being one of the finest schools in Delhi, the school has evolved into an institution to reckon with in the field of education in the national capital. All this has been made possible due to her dedicated and untiring efforts that a small and relatively unknown institution of the early 80's has become a dream school today to many. Now, she oversees the functioning of St. George School & Paul George Global School- both parts of St. George's Education Society; as a Director, guiding and contributing to their practical, holistic growth and all-around development of students. 

The Alaknanda school branch was inaugurated in 1993 by Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, The Hon'ble President of India and an eminent educationist. It is affiliated with the CBSE board and has been granted recognition by the Directorate of Education.

St. George's School and Paul George Global School are situated in the heart of South Delhi on a six-acre plot, with over 3200 students on its rolls and more than 170 dedicated teachers. Each student receives a high level of individual attention, and the school has an ideal student-teacher ratio. The Schools are dedicated to progressive education's cause and aim to produce outstanding scholars with well-integrated personalities. The school endeavors to instill in the students social, moral, and spiritual values enshrined in the Indian culture.

Value orientation has been one of the primary focuses at St. George's. The school teaches the value of respecting elders through the motto "Mathru Devo Bhava, Pithru Devo Bhava, Guru Devo Bhava."Paul George Global School believes in imparting quality education through an interdisciplinary approach. It focuses on experiential learning, and its philosophy, “Unchanging values in changing times,” indicates the importance of values. The Schools are well known for the discipline they maintain and the values they impart. Special attention is given to building a high moral character and discipline. The schools provide the best and most modern facilities for education with well-equipped libraries, laboratories, excellent computer centers, a multi-purpose auditorium, conference, and in-service training center. For sports enthusiasts, it also offers a lush green cricket ground with two turf wickets of International Standard and a host of advanced facilities for other branches of sports. In addition, the school has implemented a series of modernization initiatives to enhance its infrastructure, striving to reach unparalleled heights, setting it apart as a beacon of excellence in education.

Modern-styled Air-Conditioned Receptions: The receptions are ergonomically designed, and their layout is hospitable. It is adorned with a giant display unit showcasing the various prestigious awards and accolades won by competent and bright students across multiple competitions. There are also LED screens installed at the reception area to give an immersive visual experience and a glimpse into the vibrant life at SGS and PGGS, including recent events, achievements, and accomplishments. 

Upgraded Biology & Chemistry Labs: In the ongoing effort to deliver superior experiential learning, Biology and Chemistry Labs have state-of-the-art equipment and utterly new infrastructure, ensuring that the students have access to cutting-edge resources as part of their learning journey.

The safety and security of the children have always been of paramount importance. To ensure the children blossom in a safe and secure environment, the school has cutting-edge PNG detectors to identify gas leaks in Labs, if any. These detectors serve as vigilant guardians, instantly identifying any gas leakage and facilitating rectification immediately. 

Modern & updated Toilet Facilities: While modernizing the reception areas, laboratories, and other school areas is essential, having clean and hygienic washrooms is equally important. These washrooms are also powered by go-green and water optimization technologies, thereby contributing towards making a cleaner, eco-friendly environment. Sensor-based taps and soap dispensers in all the toilets further ensure water conservation, while sensor-based lighting systems minimize energy consumption and carbon footprints. It informally conveys the concern of the school administration to protect and preserve the environment and instill the same in the students' minds.

The schools are a unique mix of the traditional and the modern. It blends old and time-tested values with contemporary knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities. Every student is expected to "Spread The Light" of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, humility, humanitarianism, and love for humanity. In a highly dynamic social environment, the school teaches the wards to remain rooted in tradition and yet head soar high in the sky. 

St. George’s School is the first school in Delhi NCR that has a 100 % Solar Panel system that generates green and clean electricity and meets the entire electricity requirement of the school. 

Paul George Global School is equipped with thermally activated building systems (TABS) to reduce carbon footprint and effectively utilize energy.

Dr. Sara George's mission to educate and empower each child as her own is timeless. Under her guidance, the schools follow the student-centered CCE system set by the CBSE that encourages individual-based learning with the help of modern teaching aids and methodologies, thus making education a one-to-one dialogue with the student at the core of the teaching-learning process. The varied co-curricular activities, including inter-house and inter-school competitions, are held to help students imbibe a sense of team spirit, positive attitude, and competitive skills to groom themselves to be good citizens of tomorrow, inspiring, innovative, creative, and achievers. Great emphasis is placed on saving the environment for generations by maintaining eco-friendly compost pits, rainwater harvesting, planting more trees, teaching, and using recycled paper, among others.