Only great significance can ever be achieved with passion and commitment. Whenever any project is conceptualized, the first step towards realizing it is finding people with the same zeal for nurturing it and bringing it to life. If people believe in your dream and integrity, they would like to be a part of your team.

As a leader, my philosophy is to lead by example and to regard my team as the most critical stakeholder who views my dream project as our team project. I focus on creating a shared vision and building strong stakeholder relationships. The core team consistently enhances the materialization by incorporating their valuable inputs.

The beauty of our team lies in the rapport and bond we share; while we follow professional ethics, we have grown together as a family over the years. This extended family rejoices and stands by each other during challenges and adversities. At the same time, this bonding has enabled us to tide over hurdles and inspired us to challenge our limitations, helping us emerge as winners even under the direst conditions.

Since we have been together for more than a decade, we have helped each other build upon our strengths and turned weaknesses into strengths by encouraging each other to go above and beyond our expectations, offering a vision, an intellectual focus, and a feeling that each matter. I believe in the greatest good of the most significant number; in implementing the ideology, we all have benefitted and grown both professionally and personally, and this aspect of leadership has been the signature style of my team.

A decade ago, the high point was realizing my dream project, Kasiga School. We started with a few students in 2007, just eight, but with high aspirations and ambitions. Soon, the numbers grew, and so did the reputation. I firmly believe that we do not have to compete with ourselves. Our philosophy has been to keep raising the bar and creating new benchmarks.

This quest for excellence has brought national recognition, a feat which is truly remarkable for a school that has just completed a decade. The high point for me was to be ranked the Number 1 Co-educational Boarding School in Dehradun and Uttarakhand and among the top 10 Co-educational Boarding Schools nationwide.

I feel privileged to have founded a school held in such great esteem nationally. To be recognized as a leading school in a city that is the educational hub and boasts of the oldest and finest institutions with great tradition has been an uphill and daunting task. It has been a relentless quest, but at no point in time did we give in to the immense pressure that the challenge of scaling this height posed. However, the quest is still ongoing. We strive to better ourselves, be recognized nationally, and earn international acclaim.

To start with, my life’s inspiration has been my family. My parents believed in leading by example. Every little thing was done lovingly and thoughtfully with utmost care. The love and dedication with which I was brought up left an indelible mark on my soul. The sudden demise of my father was a turning point in my life as, at the age of fourteen, I had to take the reins of the family business, an experience that changed my perspective on life forever, infusing a sense of responsibility as well as accountability for every decision.

When I became a parent, my childhood experience led me to extend the same love and dedication in raising my children. At home, my wife was always at the helm of most domestic affairs. She carried them with meticulous perfection that rubbed off on me and inspired me to bring out my best. My children motivated me constantly, as I desire them to be ideal future citizens; I had to be a living example and a good role model for them. Now, infused by the blessings the almighty has bestowed upon me, I feel obliged to serve my society and community.  I must give society the same warmth and happy fortune I have received.

Hence, we provide academic opportunities to society's well-deserved but economically inadequate section and have implemented some initiatives. The Maya Education Society is sponsoring several girls from John Martin School. The school has adopted a child; she is a residential student at Kasiga with a 100 % scholarship for providing her all-round development.  As a part of the Interact Club, our students teach the children of the school's supporting staff.

The school is also involved in many other initiatives, from arranging clothing donations to collaborating with NGOs. We are also sensitive to human impact on the environment and have joined hands with a company to recycle paper, clothing, and waste material into reusable products. We hope this is the first of many endeavors towards the overall development of the society.

Utmost importance is given to the issue of staff welfare. The staff members are treated as part of the Kasiga family. Personal or professional concerns related to the staff are dealt with with empathy. Some members of the faculty have been provided financial aid during medical emergencies. Kasiga is an organization with compassion where leaders lead with a heart. The wellbeing of every staff member and student is at the core of how things are planned daily. There is a focused attempt to ensure that the working environment is congenial and transparent.

In daily operations, we follow the principles of fairness and compassion. The professional leaders of Kasiga lead the daily operations with continued support from management, which creates an atmosphere of responsibility and accountability.

My vision for future growth in both the short and long term is relatively well-defined. From the beginning, I had strategized that short-term growth would lead to long-term development. This growth is the attainment of goals people so often term success. However, success needs a comprehensive framework of thinking and planning. Pursuing structured growth means pressure to work harder and exert more effort.  My vision for Kasiga in the short term was to be the first choice in the state and then in the entire northern zone, leading to being the best and carving a niche amongst the best at the international level, which is the long-term vision.

Embracing a Legacy: Kasiga's 25-Year Journey towards Holistic Education 

Twenty-five years ago, I set sail on a journey to establish a world-class education hub for the present and future generations. Envisioning a place that would embody the timeless values upheld by my forefathers, my family, and myself, I dreamed of creating a progressive institution anchored in humanity, steadfastness, and sincerity.

This voyage has proven to be profoundly enriching, yet not devoid of storms and upheavals. My team and I faced challenges with tenacity and optimism, believing that the chapters yet to unfold would be even more productive and rewarding.

Today, Kasiga School stands tall as a world-class institution of perseverance and excellence. The students, staff, and parents have been pillars of promise, contributing immensely during moments of glory and navigating unprecedented challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic with unwavering unity. Kasiga remains resolute in pursuing higher pinnacles, unafraid of revision when necessary.

Remaining committed to dynamic evolution, the Kasiga School continues to build greater capacities for technology and explore new avenues for students. Both staff and students relentlessly strive for the best, resulting in significant achievements in academics, sports, and cultural activities in recent years. Witnessing the holistic growth of the students brings me immense joy, and I eagerly anticipate the triumphant moments yet to come.

I firmly believe that the sky is the limit for us all. I extend my blessings to the students, staff, and parents of Kasiga. Today, I find deep satisfaction in the almost accomplished goals I had envisioned. However, our journey in holistic education is far from over – a realm with boundless opportunities and limitless horizons.

While the book of my dreams remains constant, each passing year scripts a new chapter filled with unique opportunities and fresh challenges. The experiences gained from opportunities and the victories celebrated have been diverse, while challenges have sculpted more innovative, spirited, and united teams.

With faith in the potential of the chapters yet to unfold, I am optimistic that they will be even more productive and rewarding. 

God bless the students, staff, and parents of Kasiga as we continue our pursuit of holistic education.