Expanding of his pioneering Super 30 initiative, noted mathematician Anand Kumar has said that he would soon launch a new online platform to take education to the doorsteps of the poor and underprivileged students in India. Mr Kumar, in his speech at the 2024 Kellogg India Business Conference on the theme "Reimagining India: Shaping the Global Economic Landscape, said that the time has come to tap into the available technology to reach out to more students."Time has come to embrace the available technology to reach out to more and more students. Super 30 helped the poor to change their lives and many of the students who were successful did bring about a generational shift due to the power of education," said Mr Kumar at the event organized by the Kellogg School of Management, NorthwesternUniversity. "A new online educational platform will be launched soon to take education to the doorsteps of the poor," he said. Maintaining that the disruption caused by the pandemic taught him a lot, Mr Kumar said he was connected through social media with students stuck in home, underlining how one could learn a lot from adversities "The world is full of talented people. Even in the present scenario, there are so many children hidden from the eyes of the world due to poverty. They have ability to become Newton and Ramanujan but perhaps their talent gets lost due to a lack of opportunity. My online initiative is aimed at giving them the platform to excel," he added.