The Government Degree College in far-off Tulail in the Gurez Valley of north Kashmir’s Bandipora district is a “nightmare” for the students who have been suffering for want of lecturers. Even though the college, which started functioning in 2019, has a permanent faculty for an English lecturer and other faculty on a contract basis, “no one shows up,” the students from the Tulail Tehsil told Greater Kashmir. The college serves as a “ray of hope” for the marginalised community, but the state of affairs, according to the locals in the college, is heartbreaking. Many students from far-off villages like GugranHusungamBadugamMalingam, GG Sheikh, BuglinderSaradaabBaduaabNeeruAbdullanSheikhpora (the location of the college), PTL, Burnai, and other small hamlets come to attend the college, some even spending almost 200 rupees on cab fare, but return disappointed. With transport arrangements near to nothing in several remote villages, some students have to walk almost 25 kilometers daily. A few students said that they leave home during the wee hours and return home around 10 pm in the hope that they will be taught in the college, which is often “not the case.”

Source-Adobe Stock