S-VYASA University, nestled within the picturesque Sattva Global Village IT Park, proudly announces its pioneering role in revolutionizing higher education in India. As the first university in the nation to establish its campus within an IT park, S-VYASA University offers students an unparalleled learning environment, seamlessly blending academic excellence with real-world industry experience. Emphasizing holistic well-being, S-VYASAintegrates the ancient wisdom of Yoga into all academic programs, led by it's esteemed Chancellor, PadmashreeDr. HR Nagendra, renowned globally as the Yoga Guru and the driving force behind the International Day of Yoga. In a significant milestone, S-VYASA is set to host the upcoming Yoga Day celebration at Sattva Global City, expecting a turnout of 50,000 participants. This event aims not only to promote the practice of Yoga among the techie community but also to bridge the gap between the IT sector and holistic wellness.