The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) has suspended Ramadas, a PhD scholar and student leader from the Dalit community, for two years. The administration also barred his entry from all TISS campuses. The Progressive Students' Forum (PSF), a student organisation at TISS, condemned the suspension of Ramadas. Ramadas's suspension was conveyed through a letter from the administration on April 18, 2024. Ramadas initially received a show cause notice from the TISS registrar's office on March 7, 2024, which highlighted his involvement in activism. Specifically, his participation in the Parliament March in New Delhi in January 2024 and a social media post urging students to watch the national award-winning documentary 'Ram ke Naam' were cited as acts deemed 'anti-national'. As per the official press release, the march was organized to voice student concerns about the ruling BJP and its policies, such as the National Education Policy 2020. However, the TISS administration's decision to suspend and bar entry into the campus for two years is viewed as an attempt to stifle dissent against the BJP government.

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