Exciting Announcement: Maharashtra Educator's Summit and School Merit Awards 2024!

Get ready to mark your calendars as the much-anticipated Maharashtra Educator's Summit and Maharashtra School Merit Awards 2024, hosted by Education Today magazine, is set to take place on the 4th of October at The Lalit, Mumbai. This prestigious event is a celebration of excellence in the field of education, bringing together the brightest minds and most dedicated educators from across Maharashtra. It's a day that promises to be filled with insightful discussions, valuable networking opportunities, and the recognition of outstanding schools and educators. So, gear up for a day of inspiration and recognition as we come together to honor the incredible achievements in education at this year's summit and awards ceremony!

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Our company, Education Today in India is focused on providing resources and information in the education sector. We operate an online portal that helps students and educators find schools, colleges, and universities. We also publish a monthly magazine with a focus on K-12 education, featuring educator interviews, articles on current educational issues, and school rankings. Founded in 2013, Education Today is a one-stop for educational news and information in India, especially helpful for those navigating the K-12 system.

Being extremely passionate about improving the quality of education in India, we here at EducationToday strongly believe in recognizing and celebrating high-performing educational institutions across India every year through its annual events – National Conference on K-12 Leadership, India School Merit Awards, India’s Prestigious Jury Awards ceremony, North Educator’s Summit and North School Merit Awards and this October will be, Maharashtra Educator’s summit, Maharashtra School Merit Awards.

The Maharashtra Educator's Summit, a prestigious event in the field of education, was first hosted in 2017, marking the beginning of a platform dedicated to empowering educators. However, unforeseen circumstances, such as the global COVID-19 pandemic, disrupted our plans to organize subsequent editions of the summit in the following years. Nevertheless, in 2023, we triumphantly returned with the second edition of the Maharashtra Educator's Summit, rekindling the enthusiasm and passion of educators across the region. This edition witnessed an overwhelming response of 430 schools across Maharashtra participating in the survey. And now, with great anticipation and excitement, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming third edition of this highly anticipated summit, set to take place this year.