India's  Prestigious School Jury Awards 2024 Rating And Rankings

The annual quest to recognize India’s most exceptional schools culminates once again! Mark your calendars for the most exciting reveal of the Award winners of the Education Today Magazine’s India’s Prestigious School Jury Awards (IPSJA) 2024. This year’s edition promises to celebrate the educational institutions that were most innovative and impactful in shaping the future of Indian students.

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IPSJA is well renowned and bestowed upon schools that excel in the education sector of India. It has been awarded annually since 2022. Education Today conducts a comprehensive survey to determine India’s Prestigious Jury Ratings. A survey is Carried out with the collaboration of a K-12 experts panel, that aims to acknowledge schools for their exceptional contributions in the field of education and to encourage ongoing improvement.

The survey process:

The survey for the awards is conducted in two phases - Online and Offline. Both surveys play a crucial role in fostering development within schools for the betterment of the community. The commendable characteristics of these surveys are transparency and on-ground research that focuses on India’s current landscape and the demand for quality education. The survey is meticulously designed to assess the overall educational experience including, academic content, utilization of learning tools, classroom engagement initiatives, and support for students’ mental and emotional well-being.

The process of the survey will involve two questionnaires for educators and parents. These questionnaires are reached through online platforms like Facebook, Linked In, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and also via email to schools.

The survey is promoted and shared via social media platforms. Schools are encouraged to upload their logo in the Education Today Portal, in this way it is easy for the parents to vote for their preferred schools. Parents casting their votes are considered significant in the Jury assessment.

The Jury in the K -12 survey panel consists of educators and educational professionals. They evaluate the schools based on various criteria like the education imparted, student enrolment, consumer satisfaction, and provider-consumer relationship. This panel of experts dedicates months to meticulously preparing the survey, and then making sure it is distributed across the length and breadth of the country.

The survey data is then carefully analyzed and categorized by a team of experts, making sure to select the best schools to enter the final list. The categories are mostly based on their syllabus as - CBSE, ICSE, and International schools. The award categories are derived from the results of the survey.

This survey will also acknowledge exemplary schools through awards and categories such as the eco-school of the year, STEM project of the year, and partnership award.

Why do we award?

Every year, Education Today Magazine proudly hosts IPSJA annually to recognise it is not just about celebrating academic excellence, it is also about acknowledging the holistic contribution schools make to shape future generations. Through this initiative, Education Today aims to shine a light on the institutions that foster innovation, prioritize well-rounded student development, and create a positive learning environment.

Ultimately, the awards serve to inspire a higher standard of education across India, showcasing the schools that are truly making a difference. It also serves as a valuable resource for parents who are seeking the best educational environment for their children, providing them with a data-driven list of top-performing schools.

Eligibility for India’s Prestigious School Jury Awards

To vie for a coveted spot among the esteemed awardees, schools across India are welcome to participate including private aided, private unaided, and minority schools. Applications for these awards should be submitted by the school principal or a designated representative. Applying for the awards does not cost a fee. Applicants have to just fill out the questionnaire in the relevant category. The winners of the awards are usually informed via email, phone call, or courier 15 days before the award event.

The award categories for India’s Prestigious School Jury Award

Most of the school awards are categorized based on geographical location, i.e., city- wise. Some of the well-known categories are:

  • ● Most Inspirational Primary School
  • ● Most Inspirational Secondary School
  • ● Unique classroom engagement Initiatives
  • ● Best Curriculum Design Adaptation
  • ● Best Happiness Quotient Index School
  • ● Best Influential School Brand
  • ● Excellence in Inspirational Leadership
  • ● Best Hybrid Teaching Model Incorporated School
  • ● Best Creative School
  • ● Excellence in Safety and Security
  • ● Excellence in Parental Engagement
  • ● Best schools promoting cultural activities
  • ● Excellence in IT-enabled Learning
  • ● Vocational & skills education
  • ● Best Technology Integration
  • ● Social Impact Award
  • ● Excellence in Blended Learning
  • ● Most Respected Education Brand
  • ● Stem Education Excellence
  • ● Emerging High Potential Schools
  • ● Best Digital Learning Infrastructure
  • ● Most Technically Advanced School
  • ● School with best management system
  • ● Most socially active school
  • ● School with most qualifying faculty
  • ● Exceptional Contributions in Sports Award
  • ● Upcoming School
  • ● Best School for Futuristic Education
  • ● Excellence in Innovative Practices
  • ● Best Influential School Brand
  • ● Excellence in Life Skill Education
  • ● Excellence in Career Guidance
  • ● Best Comunity and Collabaration School
  • ● Best Emergent School
  • ● Best Green Building School
Previous Year’s Award Achievers

In the previous year’s IPSJA renowned educational institutions like Scottish High International School, Greenwood High International School, Wynberg-Allen School, N.L Dalmia High School, SSVM Institutions, Pinegrove School, Satluj Public School, Candor International School, Legacy School, Presidency School Bangaluru North, Jain Internatinal Residential School and other reputed schools received the IPJ awards setting the bar up in education by earning well-deserved accolades.

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By recognizing institutions that prioritize academic excellence, innovative teaching and well-rounded student development, Education Today aims to inspire a nationwide commitment to educational advancement. By acknowledging these school’s dedication to fostering well-rounded individuals and academic brilliance, it can inspire a wave of innovation and improvement across the Indian Educational system. Don’t forget to keep- an eye out for the list of esteemed winners which will be published in the Education Today Magazine.

To contribute to the ongoing mission of recognizing exceptional schools, we highly encourage educators and parents to participate in our annual school survey. Your valuable feedback helps us to identify and celebrate the most impactful educational institutions shaping India’s educational landscape. Fill out the survey form available on the Education Today Magazine website and be a part of this rewarding process!

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