KIIT World School celebrated Earth Day with fervor and commitment, organizing a diverse array of activities aimed at raising awareness about the pressing need for environmental conservation. The event saw the school inviting Mr. Vineet Vohra, an esteemed environmentalist from Give Me Trees Foundation, to enlighten students and the public about the significance of preserving our planet. Mr. Vohra's session focused on highlighting the health benefits of medicinal plants, imparting valuable knowledge to the attendees about the natural remedies available in our surroundings. Throughout the day, students actively participated in various initiatives geared towards promoting environmental consciousness. A special assembly was also organised on the occasion. Engaging in activities such as creating posters, organizing rallies, and crafting items from recycled materials, they demonstrated their commitment to advocating for sustainable practices. Notably, the emphasis on the 'best out of waste' concept underscored the importance of reusing resources and minimizing waste generation, aligning perfectly with the ethos of Earth Day. The celebration at KIIT World School not only served as a platform for education but also as a catalyst for action. By empowering students with knowledge and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment, the event successfully instilled a spirit of environmental stewardship within the school community and beyond, contributing to the collective effort of safeguarding our precious planet for future generations.

Source-Press Release