Principal Leena Antoni shared that she is delighted to announce that two students from Saint Ann’s High School, located in Nakrekaltown of Nalgonda district, Telangana state, have achieved a perfect 10 GPA. Principal Leena Antony expressed her happiness about two students earning a perfect 10 GPA in the tenth-grade exams at Saint Ann’s High School in Viti Colony, Nakirekal town, Nalgonda district. While revealing the results, she informed me that out of the 29 students in the class, two achieved a 10 GPA, and two earned a 9.8 GPA. Furthermore, three students received a 9 GPA, fourteen students attained an 8 GPA, and ten students exhibited remarkable talent.The teachers thanked students for their outstanding results. The institute achieved a 100 per cent pass rate with no failures. They promised to keep supporting students next year to help more of them achieve a perfect 10 GPA. The teachers at Saint Anne’s High School have a lot of experience.