In order to protect students from the impact of heatwave, schools should avoid conducting special classes during the ongoing summer holidays and district collectors should ensure compliance, Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary Shiv Das Meena said on Thursday. In view of severe heat and heatwave identical conditions in most places of Tamil Nadu, people might be affected due to heat related illness and officials have been advised in advance on appropriate measures to tackle the situation, Meena said in an official release. Against this background, the Chief Secretary said all kinds of coaching, special classes and programmes should be avoided during summer holidays by all government and private schools in Tamil Nadu to protect children from the impact of heat and heatwaves.  He has also advised district collectors to ensure compliance by schools. The top official said maximum temperature may go up to 40 degree Celsius till May 16 in several regions of Tamil Nadu and cited the India Meteorological Department's summer forecast related to aspects such as maximum temperatures and heatwave conditions in peninsular India including Tamil Nadu.

Source-Wikimedia Commons