Vidya Vihar Residential School in Purneacelebrates an unparalleled victory as its students shine brightly in the CBSE (AISSE) 2024 examinations, boasting a flawless 100% success rate and setting new standards for academic excellence. Grade 10, Students Umang Kumar leads the charge as school topper with an impressive 97.4%, closely followed by Sawan Kumar Jha and Bharatendu Kunal with stellar scores of 96.8% and 96.4% respectively, while an impressive 16 students excel with scores above 95%, showcasing their comprehensive proficiency. Meanwhile, in Grade 12, PallaviNamrata, and Shubhangi emerge as subjects toppers, further solidifying Vidya Vihar's reputation as a stronghold of educational brilliance in Bihar, with the school management attributing this extraordinary achievement to the unwavering dedication of both students and teachers, echoing Vidya Vihar's commitment to holistic education and academic excellence, eliciting congratulatory messages from all quarters and reaffirming its status as a beacon of educational distinction.

Source-Press Release