Entrepreneurship is indeed a very empowering profession that broadens your horizon, and changes your perspective;  moreover,  it provides you a platform to work with a range of business issues, industries, and companies. It gives you a scope to explore the world with your own, unique innovative solution and the way you approach it. The future of entrepreneurship is very promising. We are currently paving the way of technology and the information age. Entrepreneurship is expanding in Digital India as the result of new economic policies and the expansion of start-ups in India.

Previously maintaining the conventional wisdom, people work for a few years at the beginning of their careers to gain some experience, and then jump on the bandwagon of entrepreneurship. But now the perspective has changed. Young people are entering and thriving in the space of entrepreneurship even without any prior experience. Young people are welcomed to this field as the passion level is particularly elevated at a youthful age, and risk-taking capabilities, self-motivation, spirit become high at the young age. Students generally want to become an entrepreneur because of a few reasons such as overall development, as this profession teaches a lot of lessons than a 9-5 job. Financial planning, growth, and strategy formulation are part of this profession. Accounting, customer acquisition along with soft skills such as team management, negotiation, and team motivation. The learning and experience is countless.

The secret of entrepreneurship is not to sell, but to serve. It is about bringing a change in society with ethics and values. As young people are enduring entrepreneurship, they will create more value for society. As per research, running a business creates 10X more value than a job. Entrepreneurs can create lots of jobs as well as new business opportunities with their peers, thereby enriching the entire ecosystem. Apart from this, the fragrance of human life is to pursue the dream, to live a meaningful and contented life. Pursuing the dream and working with passion is highly required to lead a complete life. It can be the foundation for increased happiness, self- worthiness, and meaningful living.

Skills required for being an entrepreneur
• Creative thinking
• Critical thinking
• Effective communication
• Financial knowledge
• Smart business management
• Stress management
• Time management
• Flexibility
•Technical skills

These are the required basic skillset. Apart from this, there are other skills such as persistence, innovation, resourcefulness, leadership, etc. Being an entrepreneur is a rewarding and challenging journey at the same time. But it comes to the conclusion that entrepreneurs who are passionate about their work achieve a mountain range of success more than others. Ultimately, it is passion, persistence, and hard work that matters.