Draped in a traditional ‘Mekhela Chador’ and jewellery, Assam’s first artificially intelligent teacher, 'Iris', promptly answered all questions of students of a private school here. The humanoid listened to the question, "What is hemoglobin?" and replied to the student with all the details, a teacher at the school said. "Whether the questions were from their syllabus or about anything, 'Iris' provided answers in no time and with examples and references," said a spokesperson of the Royal Global School here. The students were inquisitive and eagerly engaged in various activities of the robot, she said. The children also enjoyed the robot’s ability to perform gestures like handshakes, which made the learning process both fun and engaging. 'Iris' has a voice-controlled assistant that helps it respond to student queries and provide detailed explanations. “The children are very excited because the artificially intelligent teacher has answers to their questions,” the school teacher said.

Source- X.com/EastMojo