Collective Decision-Making: Insights from the Leadership Pair at KIIT World School

Dr. Sangeetha Bhatia, an esteemed educator and visionary leader, serves as the Principal of KIIT World School located in Pitampura, Delhi. With a profound commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering a culture of academic excellence, Dr. Bhatia has played a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape of the institution. Her dynamic leadership, coupled with her passion for innovative teaching methodologies, has propelled KIIT World School to new heights of success. Alongside her, Dr. Harsh Kamrah, her brother and an accomplished administrator, contributes significantly to the school's administrative operations. With his strategic vision and administrative acumen, Dr. Kamrah ensures the smooth functioning of the school and supports Dr. Bhatia in realizing the institution's educational goals. Together, Dr. Sangeetha Bhatia and Dr. Harsh Kamrah epitomize a formidable team dedicated to providing students with a holistic learning experience at KIIT World School. Here is the interview with Dr. Sangeetha

QWhat is that one quality that makes your pair dynamic?

We as a dynamic duo are defined by giving mutual respect and individual space to each other. We thrive on co-creation while honoring each other's competencies. This unique quality fosters synergy without encroaching on personal boundaries. By respecting each other's expertise, we cultivate an environment where creativity flourishes uninhibited. Our ability to collaborate harmoniously, yet independently, enables us to navigate challenges seamlessly and achieve shared goals. Our dynamic partnership not only fosters innovation but also strengthens our bond as siblings. With a clear understanding of boundaries and a deep appreciation for each other's strengths, we maximize our potential, ensuring that our collective efforts yield fruitful outcomes. Thus, our ability to co-create without intruding upon each other's space is the cornerstone of our dynamic and successful partnership.

QYou both have different personalities. How do you balance one another or rather compliment each other?

Despite our contrasting personalities, we harmonize perfectly, each complementing the other. Our partnership thrives on mutual respect, allowing us to appreciate and leverage our differences. This synergy is so profound that it leads to a state of perfection in our endeavors. By embracing our unique traits and perspectives, we achieve a balance that enhances our collective capabilities. While one may excel in areas where the other finds challenges, our mutual respect ensures that we work together seamlessly, leveraging our strengths to compensate for each other's weaknesses. Through this symbiotic relationship, we navigate complexities with ease and achieve outcomes that exceed expectations. Thus, our ability to balance and complement each other, rooted in a foundation of respect, is the driving force behind our pursuit of perfection.

QWhen it comes to decision-making, who takes a call in tough situations?

In navigating tough decisions, our approach is rooted in collective consensus. We prioritize collaboration, ensuring that most decisions are made collectively, drawing upon our mutual understanding and trust. This shared vision, focused on the greater good of the institution, guides our decision-making process. Each member of our team contributes their insights and perspectives, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges at hand. This inclusive approach not only strengthens our bond but also enriches the quality of our decisions. With unwavering trust in each other's abilities and intentions, we navigate through tough situations with confidence and unity. Our commitment to a common vision ensures that every decision serves the larger interests of the institution, driving us toward sustained success and growth.

QHow do you feel about your personal life and professional life being deeply intertwined?

The intricate interplay between personal and professional life has created a seamless integration where boundaries have gradually blurred over time. Our personal experiences, values, and relationships reverberate into our professional endeavors, shaping our decisions and interactions. Conversely, the lessons learned in professional settings often influence our personal growth and relationships. This intertwining of personal and professional realms has enriched our lives, offering unique perspectives and insights. As the lines between these spheres blur, a holistic approach has emerged, allowing us to bring our whole selves to every aspect of life. This fusion has fostered authenticity and alignment with our values. Ultimately, embracing this interconnectedness has enhanced our well-being and fulfillment, as we navigate the complexities of life with greater harmony and integration.

QHow do you resolve problems when you have a difference of opinion?

.In navigating differences of opinion, our unwavering commitment to respect is paramount. We prioritize the institution's greater good over individual interests, guiding our decisions. Rooted in the institution's interest and societal development, our viewpoints resonate deeply with both of us. This shared vision forms the cornerstone of our collaboration, transcending individual sensibilities. Resolving conflicts respectfully allows us to leverage diverse perspectives for innovation and progress. Ultimately, our dedication to the institution's welfare and societal impact reinforces unity and resolve to overcome differences.

QAre there any situations when you felt empowered having the back of your brother or a situation you have no idea how you might have dealt with without the support of your dynamic duo?

The unwavering support we offer each other is a true blessing, providing immense comfort and strength. As siblings, we serve as both backup and unwavering support systems. This unconditional support forms the foundation of our relationship, enabling us to navigate challenges with confidence. Whether lending an ear, offering advice, or simply being there, we stand ready to support each other. This bond transcends distance and time, offering solace and reassurance. With each other by our side, we find comfort, knowing we are never alone in our journey.

QWhat do you admire the most about being a partner with your dynamic duo?

In our dynamic duo, I deeply admire my brother's shared dedication to the institution's well-being. Despite our differing temperaments, our mutual goal remains unwavering: to safeguard the organization's interests and nurture confident individuals. United by a common vision, our foundation is built on profound commitment, aligning our actions harmoniously. This unity amidst diversity strengthens collaboration, enabling resilient navigation of challenges. Our mutual respect and dedication to our common goal propel us forward, ensuring our efforts serve the institution's greater good and the individuals it supports.

QManaging a renowned school like yours is a huge responsibility. How do you divide the responsibilities for the smooth running of your institution?

Dr. Harsh Kamrah and I synergize our academic and administrative expertise to excel in management. While Dr. Harsh excels in his administrative finesse, I leverage my experience of academic acumen. This complementary partnership ensures a holistic approach to tasks, leading to remarkable achievements. Our collaboration capitalizes on each other's strengths, resulting in efficient task management and reaching great heights in their endeavors. By combining academic insight with administrative proficiency, we navigate challenges effectively and maximize outcomes.

QHow do you handle difficult conversations with faculty or board meetings as a team?

Navigating difficult conversations with faculty or during board meetings requires a unified team approach. One of us leads while the other supports behind the scenes, much like an underwater paddler propelling a boat invisibly. This strategy ensures productive and respectful interactions, even in tough situations. While one steer, the other offers invaluable backup, providing insight, encouragement, and assistance. This synchronized effort diffuses tension and fosters cohesion and trust within our team. By demonstrating our commitment to effective issue resolution while maintaining relationships, we exemplify teamwork and solidarity.

QIs there a situation in your life where you had to make a professional decision on your own without discussing it with the other and you later felt esthetic or regretful?

In all my experiences, individual decision-making has been rare. Our approach is rooted in collective decision-making, ensuring thorough discussion of every matter. This collaborative process considers diverse perspectives, leading to comprehensive decisions. Through open dialogue, we harness the team's collective wisdom, fostering ownership and unity while enhancing decision quality. Our commitment to consensus-building emphasizes collaboration and mutual respect. Even in challenges, we navigate confidently, guided by our collective wisdom towards optimal outcomes.

QWhich is that one positive/ negative quality that works best for you as a dynamic duo?

As a dynamic duo, our greatest strength lies in our fearlessness. We boldly embrace challenges, refusing to be daunted by potential setbacks. This unwavering confidence allows us to pursue ambitious goals and explore new opportunities with zeal. Focusing on possibilities rather than dwelling on consequences, we take calculated risks and step out of our comfort zones, fueling creativity and innovation. Our fearless attitude enables us to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable results, reinforcing our belief in the power of boldness and resilience.

QHow do you keep your personal life and professional life separate when it comes to professional decisions?

Maintaining clear boundaries between personal and professional life is crucial in our decision-making. We approach each decision with focused alignment with organizational goals, ensuring personal relationships never influence choices. Our commitment to the institution's success is unwavering; every decision is made solely to advance its interests. By prioritizing the organization above personal connections, we uphold decision-making integrity and professionalism, fostering a culture of accountability. This separation enables us to navigate challenges with clarity, consistently serving the institution's best interests.