Education, Leadership, and the Dhoni Connection: A  Father-Son Duo’s Journey

A brief Introduction of M S Dhoni Global School in the words of Mr. Vineeth Chandrasekar, Co-founder & Director of Administration and Operations.

The partnership between my father, Chandrasekar R., and myself represents a dynamic synergy of experience and innovation within the realm of education. My dad, Chandrasekar R., is not just a co-founder and chairman of M.S. Dhoni Global School; he's the embodiment of visionary leadership and educational excellence. As the co-founder and chairman of M S Dhoni Global School, my father's tenure of 15 years stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to educational excellence. His academic accolades, including a gold medal in engineering from Madras University, coupled with his distinction as a three-star athlete, underscore his multifaceted expertise.

Now, while Dad's been making waves in education, I've been carving my own path. With a BTech, an MS in Management Science from the USA, and some top-notch Harvard School Leadership programs under my belt, I like to think I'm following in his footsteps.

Our partnership, though, is where the magic happens. Dad's wisdom and experience, combined with my innovative spirit and academic background, have been the driving force behind M.S. Dhoni Global Schools. When we brought the idea to Mr M S Dhoni himself, it was like everything just clicked. We shared a vision - shaping young minds, fostering leadership, and giving back to society.

Together, we've expanded the M.S. Dhoni Global School family from Bangalore to Hosur and beyond. And we're not stopping there. With immediate plans for two more branches in OMR Chennai and Whitefield Bengaluru, functional from AY 2025–26, we're aiming high—seventy schools and twenty-five thousand students, to be precise!

What I admire most about my father is his dedication to holistic development. He doesn't just see education as book smarts; it's about nurturing global citizens, instilling leadership qualities, and yes, even throwing in a bit of sportsmanship. And our partnership with Mr. Dhoni? That's been the cherry on top, blending academic rigor with the inspiration of a cricketing legend.

So yeah, Dad and I, we're quite the team. His experience, my innovation – together, we're shaping the future of education, one student at a time.

QWhat is that one quality that makes your father-son pair dynamic?

The one quality that makes our pair dynamic is the perfect blend of resilience and ambition. My father Chandrasekar R and I embody a dynamic synergy, combining his seasoned experience with my ambitious mindset to shape the future of education. Together, we strive to deliver top-tier education at M S Dhoni Global School. Our shared commitment to excellence drives us forward, expanding our reach and enriching the lives of students through holistic development and leadership cultivation.

QYou both have different personalities. How do you balance one another or rather compliment each other?

Our different personalities complement each other seamlessly. My father's composed demeanor brings stability and thoughtful consideration to our decisions, while my quick and lateral decision-making adds agility and innovation. This balance ensures that our choices are both logical and swift, driving our vision forward efficiently. His experience provides a solid foundation, while my fresh perspective brings in new ideas and approaches. Together, we create a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, propelling M S Dhoni Global School towards greater heights.

QWhen it comes to decision-making, who takes a call in tough situations?

In tough situations, I, as the son, often take the call for rapid decisions, given the urgency of the moment. My approach to decision-making leans towards the radical, prioritizing swift action while considering all factors. This style complements my father's composed demeanor, ensuring a balance between stability and agility in our choices. While he provides invaluable wisdom and guidance, my inclination towards quick and lateral decision-making allows us to navigate challenges effectively.

QHow do you feel about your personal life and professional life being deeply intertwined?

From both my father's and my perspective, there's a profound sense of fulfillment in the deep intertwining of our personal and professional lives. Our familial bonds strengthen our professional collaboration, yet we maintain a clear boundary, ensuring no mix between the two realms. This separation allows us to give our full focus and dedication to each aspect of our lives, fostering balance and clarity. Our shared mission in education is driven by our personal values and aspirations, enriching both our family life and our professional endeavors.

QHow do you resolve problems when you have a difference of opinion?

When faced with a difference of opinion, my father and I engage in open and constructive discussions. We carefully analyze each perspective, weighing its merits and implications. Through this collaborative process, we strive to arrive at the best possible solution for the situation at hand. This method not only resolves immediate issues but also enhances and sharpens my decision-making skills, providing invaluable learning opportunities. Our mutual respect and willingness to listen to each other's viewpoints foster a culture of cooperation and growth within our partnership, ultimately strengthening our ability to navigate challenges effectively.

QAre there any situations when you felt empowered having the back of your father or a situation you have no idea how you might have dealt with without the support of your dynamic duo?

Absolutely, numerous instances come to mind where I felt immensely empowered by having my father's unwavering support. His guidance and mentorship have been invaluable, especially in challenging situations where I might have felt unsure or overwhelmed. There's a profound sense of confidence knowing that I have his wisdom and experience to rely on. Without our dynamic partnership, navigating certain complexities would have been considerably more daunting. His presence has been a constant source of strength, enabling me to tackle obstacles with resilience and determination. Together, as a dynamic duo, we complement each other's strengths, making us stronger and more capable of overcoming any challenge that comes our way.

QWhat do you admire the most about being a partner with your dynamic duo?

What I admire most about being a partner with my dad is the sense of love and affection that underpins our collaboration. Beyond the professional realm, it's the unwavering support and encouragement from my father that truly inspires me. His guidance and belief in my abilities propel me forward, instilling confidence and determination in every endeavor. Moreover, our partnership is characterized by mutual respect and understanding, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. Together, we navigate challenges with resilience and celebrate victories with genuine joy. It's the bond we share, rooted in love and affection, that makes our partnership truly dynamic and rewarding.

QWhat is the one quality you wish to learn from your dynamic duo regarding your school management?

The one quality I deeply aspire to learn from my dynamic duo in school management is my father's calm, composed, and centered approach to challenges. His ability to maintain equanimity amidst complexities is truly admirable and essential for effective leadership. I aim to cultivate this quality within myself to navigate demanding situations with grace and clarity. By emulating his demeanor, I hope to enhance my decision-making abilities and foster a supportive and harmonious environment within the school community. Learning from his seasoned wisdom and measured approach will undoubtedly strengthen my role as a leader, ensuring the continued success and growth of our educational endeavors.

QManaging a renowned school like yours is a huge responsibility. How do you divide the responsibilities for the smooth running of your institution?

Managing our esteemed school involves a collaborative approach to dividing responsibilities, ensuring its seamless operation. Alongside my father and myself, our innovative advisory team, which includes family members, plays a crucial role in guiding the institution. Each member, such as my mother, father, wife, sister, and brother-in-law, leads one of the six vital verticals ranging from student onboarding, IT, finances, administration, HR, and innovation. This collective structure facilitates comprehensive coverage across all aspects of school management. While my father and I provide strategic guidance, the diverse expertise of our advisory team ensures effective execution and ongoing innovation. By sharing responsibilities among individuals with various skills and perspectives, we uphold our commitment to excellence, driving the school forward with unity and strength.

QHow do you handle difficult conversations with faculty or board meetings as a team?

Handling difficult conversations within our team, whether with faculty or during board meetings, is approached with utmost care and diplomacy. While such situations are rare, we ensure to address them promptly and effectively. Before any open statements are made to the team, we prioritize discussing and analyzing the matter internally, considering its seriousness. This ensures that our response is well-thought-out and respectful to all involved. In crucial decisions requiring immediate action, we respect the discretion of the individual tasked with making the call and proceed accordingly. Our collaborative approach fosters transparency, mutual respect, and constructive problem-solving, enabling us to navigate challenging conversations with grace and unity.

QIs there a situation in your life where you had to make a professional decision on your own without discussing it with the other and you later felt esthetic or regretful?

Yes, there have been instances. Each serves as a valuable learning experience as they are taken with a high level of clarity, integrity, and a clear intent of serving organizational goals thereby enriching my professional growth. Thus, I have never had a chance to regret any such decision so far.

QWhich is that one positive/ negative quality that works best for you as a dynamic duo?

As a dynamic duo, our forward-thinking skills and modernized thought processes serve as our greatest strengths. My father's ability to stay ahead of the competition by at least a decade is invaluable, providing us with a strategic advantage. However, if there's one negative quality, it's our tendency to sometimes take time to make decisions at times. Nonetheless, we recognize this and continue to strive to balance careful consideration with swift action, leveraging our foresight and innovative approach to navigate challenges effectively.

QHow do you keep your personal life and professional life separate when it comes to professional decisions?

Balancing personal and professional realms is vital for clarity in decision-making. My father respects my autonomy in personal matters, allowing me complete freedom to navigate my personal life. However, when it comes to professional decisions, we operate as a cohesive unit. Discussions involve all six family members, each contributing from their unique perspective. This collaborative approach ensures thorough consideration and diverse insights, leading to well-rounded decisions. Our family's collective strength forms a cube, with each member occupying a vital side dimension. It's not just the effort of the dynamic duo, but the synergy of our entire family that drives the smooth functioning of our school operations, fostering success and unity.