The Bengaluru water crisis had everyone talking. From people leaving the city to residents crowding malls to get their share of water, the reality is hitting us hard. According to the National Center for Environment Information, January–April global surface temperature was warmest in the 175-year record at 1.34°C, with a 61% possibility of 2024 being the warmest year recorded. We cannot wait for an opportune time to start protecting, preserving and nurturing environment. It has to start now. The first place to begin is schools. Catch them young and train them to respect nature. This calls for a dire need to raise environmental consciousness and sustainable practices for a greener and restored land through education. For that, schools can play an important role in shaping young minds, right from early childhood education. World Environment Day is observed on June 5, under different themes. As deforestation’s consequences for climate and ecosystems arise, this year’s theme focuses on ‘Land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience’.

Source- I Stock