After scoring the highest marks ever in the JEE (advanced), AIR 1 has challenged the Indian Institutes of Technology with regards to why his two questions were marked incorrect. Ved said he believes in taking logical answers to everything. In childhood, if he got low marks in any subject in school, he would take his maternal grandfather to school and ask the teachers why he got low marks. This attitude still persists. He got two questions wrong in JEE-Advanced and for this too Ved has challenged how he got them wrong. In the family, maternal grandfather RC Somani is a retired engineer. His mum Jaya Lahoti is a housewife and father Yogesh Lahoti is a construction manager in a private firm."Nothing is impossible. If you are determined, everything is possible. There should be a goal in life and it should be big. After this, the hard work should also be of the same level. Have faith in your hard work. If you have worked according to the target, then you will definitely get success. To learn, it is necessary to practice as much as possible," said Ved Lahoti who scored all-India rank 1 in JEE Advanced 2024.

Source- Indiatimes