Wynberg-Allen School, founded in 1888, is a co-educational institution in Mussoorie, Kanpur. Founded by friends Alfred Powell, Arthur Foy, and Brig. J.H. Condon, it initially operated in Jaberkhet before moving to Wynberg Estate in 1894. Managed by The Wynberg Homes Society, the school has grown and improved, establishing itself as a top educational institution in the country.


What is the purpose of life if not to serve others? What indeed? Service, simplicity and humility have always been synonymous with Wynberg-Allen, and I am sure that the hearts of our founders swell with pride when we, as custodians of the legacy, lend power to it through our actions and words. At Wynberg-Allen, we have always looked beyond the trimmings and made human endeavor our focus. We boast of having released into this increasingly bewildering world young people who uphold the central tenets of a truly inclusive society: empathy, sympathy, generosity, humility, and kindness.

This is far more than just the sum total of buildings and procedures. We are extremely proud of the ' heart' of the school—our students and their discipline, happiness and approach to life. I welcome all to visit our campus on a working day and experience what life at Wynberg-Allen is really like. We would be happy to facilitate the visit if you so wish.

The school offers a variety of facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, an Olympic-standard gymnasium, a badminton arena, three indoor basketball courts, two skating rinks, tennis courts, and computer laboratories. It also has two track and field events, squash courts, and various laboratories. The school also provides spacious boarding houses, classrooms, art rooms, and modern kitchens. It also has two three-story hospital buildings, R.O. water points, two well-equipped libraries, an intensive career counseling program, 55 hobby clubs, a photography lab, school buses, and 45 staff quarters.