Profile of the Principal

With nearly Thirty-five years of rich and varied experience as an educator, pedagogical leader, and a Master of English -Language and Literature Mr. Amitabh Garg is leading a highly motivated and dedicated team of Educators at Doon World School, Dehradun. Before taking up his role as the principal of Doon World School, he led a prestigious ICSE School in Maharashtra. He had his basic schooling from the esteemed St. Joseph’s Academy, Dehradun and has been a excellent athlete and an N.C.C. Senior Under Officer during his college days.

He is an examiner of English Language and Literature for the International Baccalaureate as well as for the AISSE-English Core, CBSE. He has also been an examiner for English Language ISCE and English Literature for ISC He has vast experience in the field of education across age groups, from Primary to Senior Secondary. He has also led a team of professionals to inculcate soft skills in undergrad students at prestigious colleges and has been a corporate trainer for the Hospitality and Aviation sectors, as well as some renowned corporates.

Doon World School lives by its motto “Learning Together”. The fraternity comes together, works together, and grows together as the school fosters collaboration between students, parents, teachers and the community. This, in turn, contributes strongly to the enhanced learning of the students. As a cooperative and collaborative approach, learning is shared by the entire fraternity, with the student's learning, intellectual, emotional, and social development at the forefront. These further enhance academic achievement and improve the attitude and approach of the student towards school, peers, society and learning.

Doon World School has, for the past 10 years, been constantly working and focusing on the overall development of its students. On July 5, 2023, they inaugurated their new primary school building. The project entailed the construction of a three-story structure with eight classrooms, a staffroom, offices, and a separate dance, music, arts and indoor games room for primary students. On July 6, 2023, an orientation program was conducted for the parents of the primary students, where they were addressed about how different and advanced the teaching and learning process is going to be from now on with the installation of interactive boards in each classroom. In addition to academic excellence, Doon World School students are also winning laurels for the school in sports, arts, theater, and other co-curricular activities. CBSE’s training sessions, both online and offline, are attended by the teachers to upgrade their skills. For the mental health of the students, the school conducts counseling sessions throughout the year.

Let me conclude this report with the words of a renowned scientist and our former president, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

“The purpose of education is to make good human beings with skill and expertise. Enlightened human beings can be created by teachers.”