Love the planet you’re living in…

"The best way to predict the future is to design it. That is what we call Sustainability"

If we cannot sustain the environment, we really can’t sustain ourselves and our lives. The present and future generations are the torchbearers for this cause. Billabong High International School Noida takes pride in nurturing its eco- warriors, who revolve their thought process around the Sustainable Development Goals as suggested by the United Nations through a plethora of activities and projects.

The school uses one of the 17 goals as a theme for a particular session. The curriculum, clubs, Interschool and intraschool events and teaching pedagogies are all designed in sync with the selected SDG theme. Through these tasks, the learners are well empowered with 21st-century skills, with a deep emphasis on inquiry-based experiential learning and critical thinking skills.

The teaching-learning process across the curriculum abides by the themes through simple tasks like poetry writing, story writing, debates, ICT-integrated projects, poster-making activities, campaigns, and so on.

The major objective of clubs is to educate the students about the significance of environmental protection and urge them to take action in their everyday lives to lessen their environmental impact. To increase awareness about environmental issues, the students engage together and develop some innovative, advanced, and practical projects like the Smart Bridge, Hydraulic Experiment, Automatic Street Light, Solar Irrigation System, Drip System, Electromagnetic Rocket Launcher, Laser Security Bank, Magnetic Levitation, Zombie Ants, Brain Disorders, Water-Based Fuel, and so on. The learners also involve themselves in different activities focusing on sustainable infrastructure like rain detector alarms, fire alarms, and earthquake detection systems for better and safer access. The main focus has been on using eco-bricks in the construction of buildings in order to recycle and reduce waste while also giving the buildings has been the point of focus.

Even though the school Life Skills program is embedded in the school timetable, it equips the learners with some well-grounded values and ethics that are a reflection of a sustainable future. Billabong High International School, Noida has been regularly acknowledged for its green initiatives and innovative sustainable projects.