St. Joseph's College (SEM) takes pride in its exceptional infrastructure that offers a wide range of facilities to students. The campus spans fifteen acres of greenery, providing a serene and conducive environment for learning. The college features spacious classrooms designed with green technology, ensuring ample natural light and scenic views while minimizing the carbon footprint.

The sports facilities at SEM are impressive and diverse. Students have access to twin synthetic court squash and tennis arenas, a covered and heated swimming pool, a sixteen-hole mini-golf course, a twin-court badminton hall, a multi-gym with strength training equipment, an open-air gymnasium, a skating rink, chess and carrom rooms, a billiards room, a basketball court, a cricket field with net practice areas, and three football fields. The college has also partnered with sporting academies to provide specialized training in various sports.

To nurture creativity, the college offers a range of co-curricular activities. Students can explore astronomy through the Astropathshala program. The Sem Studio is a high-tech facility equipped with media content development tools for updating the college's website, YouTube space, and other social media platforms. Activity clubs focusing on language, music, arts, and drama allow students to enhance their creative abilities. For those interested in sculpture and woodworking, there is a dedicated Sculptor Room and Maker's Space equipped with power tools. The college has a technology-aided learning system, a team of qualified faculty members, and an optimal student-to- teacher ratio, ensuring the success of its students.

Moreover, the college offers exceptional boarding facilities, with five hundred bed dormitories divided for senior, middle, and junior students. The on-campus infirmary operates 24/7 to cater to medical emergencies. The boarding program at Sem allows students to develop independence, engage in innovative programs, and grow holistically.

Overall, St. Joseph's College strives to provide a well-rounded education experience, combining excellent infrastructure, a wide range of sports facilities, engaging co-curricular activities, and a strong focus on academics, enabling students to succeed and excel.


Br. Hector Pinto, the Principal of St. Joseph's College in Nainital, is a dedicated educational leader who focuses on academic excellence and holistic development. He has implemented innovative strategies to enhance the learning environment, including the development of Sem Cliffs, a vibrant park. He has forged partnerships with professionals to offer cutting-edge training and learning opportunities. Br.

Br. Hector Pinto has successfully adapted to technology-aided education and a blend of traditional and contemporary teaching methods, benefiting thousands of students. He actively engages with the community, providing support during lockdowns and prioritizing faculty and support staff well- being. Under his leadership, the college campus has undergone significant infrastructural improvements, including WiFi connectivity, a boat house, online content development studios, sports facilities, and additional classrooms.