The "Each One Plant One" philosophy was at the heart of the successful plantation drive organized by KIIT World School, Sohna Road, in collaboration with the BSF Camp, under the theme "Meri MaatiMera Desh". This initiative showcased the school's and its stakeholders' unwavering commitment to fostering environmental sustainability. By embracing the "Each One Plant One" approach, the event not only enhanced the immediate surroundings but also ignited a ripple effect that inspires others to partake in similar actions. The event saw the enthusiastic participation of the 95 BN BSF commandant & his team, the School Founder Chairman Sh. B. R. Kamrah,  the School Principal Dr.Neelima Kamrah,  Administrative Officer Ms. Ananya Parashar, and the Headmistress Mrs. Rashmi Srivastava. During the drive, a diverse selection of native tree species, well-suited to the local environment, was planted in designated areas of the BSF Camp. The planting process involved students, staff, and esteemed guests. Each participant contributed to the effort by planting a tree sapling, symbolizing their commitment to the environment.