School Facility

The facilities at J M International School, Dwarka encompass a well-rounded and conducive environment for optimal learning and growth. State-of-the-art science laboratories enable hands-on exploration and experimentation. A well-stocked library encourages required reading habits. Computer labs with up-to-date technology promote digital literacy. Sports facilities, both indoors and outdoors, nurture physical education and teamwork. Dedicated spaces for arts and music encourage creativity and artistic expression. The school auditorium is suitably placed and fully furnished, always witnessing a variety of programs. Specialized facilities, such as theatre studios, orchestra studios, and dance & music studio to cater to individual interests and talents. The clean and hygienic cafeteria provides nutritious meals to students. The school’s garden offers opportunities for learning beyond classroom and relaxation. Top-notch safety and security measures like CCTV surveillance and fire prevention systems are in place to ensure a safe learning environment. Health is of utmost importance, an infirmary for medical aid of students and staff is also there. Ultimately, JMIS facilities prioritize holistic development, academic excellence, and the well-being of all its students without any discrimination.

School's Infrastructure, Sports, Co-curricular Activity, Academics

The infrastructure of the school provides a comfortable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment for students. Classrooms and activity rooms are air- conditioned, spacious, artistically furnished, and well-equipped with smart boards, fostering interactive engaging lessons. Besides the regular school facilities, there are separate enrichment spaces like Discovery Room, Circle-time Spaces, MPH for Meditation/ Puppet Theatre/ Yoga, Aerobics floor, and Storytelling area.

JMIS offers a wide range of sports and co-curricular activities. The school provides training in martial arts, fitness, and recreational sports, along with indoor and outdoor thematic games. JMIS has produced national and international champions in skating, and students also participate in Karate and Taekwondo. The school organizes intra- school and inter-school sports activities and competitions throughout the year.

Co-curricular activities in school include sports, clubs and societies, music and performing arts programs, visual arts activities, publications and journalism, academic competitions, leadership and student government, and environment and community service initiatives. Engaging in co-curricular activities promotes physical fitness, teamwork, creativity, leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, and social skills.

JMIS follows pedagogies such as constructivist, collaborative, integrative, reflective, and inquiry-based learning.The focus is on developing competencies that will benefit students throughout their lives, with an emphasis on evaluation, analysis, and comprehension skills.

Principal’s Profile:  Dr. Amita Saxena

Skilled in leadership, relationship-building, communication, and goal setting, Dr. Amita Saxena, Principal of J M International School, Dwarka, New Delhi has an inspiring professional journey that distinctly stands out. She is the proud recipient of the CBSE Teacher’s Award (National - Principal’s Category) and State Teacher’s Award (Principal’s Category), besides several other awards from prestigious organisations.