Education Today annually conducts a comprehensive survey to determine India's Prestigious Jury Ratings, a recognition bestowed upon schools that excel in the education sector. This survey carried out in collaboration with a panel of K-12 experts, aims to acknowledge schools for their exceptional contributions to education and encourages ongoing improvement.

Both offline and online surveys play a crucial role in fostering development within schools for the betterment of the community. The survey is characterized by transparency and is grounded in research, focusing on India's current educational landscape and the demand for quality education.

The K-12 survey panel, consisting of experienced educators and education professionals, evaluates schools based on various criteria: the quality of education imparted, student enrolment, consumer satisfaction, and the provider-consumer relationship.

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The 2023 survey is meticulously designed to assess the overall educational experience, including academic content, utilization of learning tools, classroom engagement initiatives, and support for student's mental and emotional well- being.

The survey acknowledges exemplary schools through various awards categories, such as the eco-school of the year, STEM project of the year, and community partnership award.

The survey process involves two questionnaires—one for educators and the other for parents. These questionnaires are distributed through online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and also via mail to schools.

Promotion of the survey's availability is shared on social media platforms, highlighting the significant role of parent voting. Schools are encouraged to upload their logos to the Education Today portal, which enables parents to vote for their preferred schools. This increases the likelihood of schools being featured in the September issue of the Education Today magazine and recognized at a physical event in October 2023.

The expert panel dedicates months to meticulously prepare the survey, which is then distributed nationwide. The collected forms are carefully analyzed and categorized by a team of experts, with only a select few making it to the final list.

To ensure accurate classification, schools are categorized based on their syllabus—CBSE, ICSE, and International. Award categories are derived from the survey results, and the honoured schools will be showcased in the magazine's September issue and celebrated at a physical event at the Lalit Mumbai, on October 4th, 2023.

Distinguished institutions like Greenwood High International School, Alpha Group of Institutions, SSVM Institutions, Lotus Valley International School, N.L. Dalmia High School, Wynberg-Allen School and others were recognized in the previous IPJA. These schools continually set high standards in education, earning them well-deserved accolades.

The upcoming issue seeks schools that embody excellence and unwavering commitment to their student's development. Schools aspiring to be part of IPJA 2023 can register by accessing the survey form at

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