Educators and institutions today need to keep pace with the rapidly changing world. Mount Olympus Group of Schools is accelerating this transition to bring in the best for learners by making a paradigm shift to learner centric education, experiential learning, blended learning and skill building. As a premier K-12 educational institution, we endeavor to join the transformative changing order between human- machine and algorithms and nurture future ready global citizens.

At Mount Olympus we believe nothing but inculcating the love for learning  shall be the key to success. We continuously strive to build a positive school climate and an encouraging environment that enables learning and enthuses the love for learning. We intend to constructively engage learners by offering a balance between scholastics and co- scholastics. Experienced and trained mentors bring in the joy of teaching and learning by motivating learners to stay curious, imaginative and creative. A plethora of co-curricular activities and opportunities in indoor and outdoor sports with state of the art infrastructure is offered, keeping in view overall development of learners.

Our ‘100 percent participation’ rule ensures that each child finds his/her niche with adequate instances of exposure, exploration and practice. Strong academics remains our foundation while we nurture a myriad of skills and abilities through science exhibitions, spectrum, literary week, inter and intra school competitions, MUNs etc. Ours is a proactive approach to guidance and counselling facilitating a life skills embedded curriculum, one on one counselling allowing uninhibited sharing, student empowerment programs, 360 degree career guidance assistance including awareness, assessment and building must have skills through training and internships. Enhanced parental engagement further solidifies the parent school connect benefitting the learners.

Carefully crafted curriculum in sync with NEP 2020 suited to unique learning needs of 21 st C learners, innovative pedagogies along with assiduous planning and flawless execution makes us confident to upkeep our commitment to transform the landscape of education and recasting both learning and learning spaces.