Nurturing Global Citizens—OUR GOAL!

Choices that we make at every step give a glimpse of how fulfilling our future will be. Choices today are considered to be futile if they are not in alignment with 21st-century demands helping foresee what 31 centuries would look like.

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, Pitampura realizing the demands of the upcoming era is working and has worked in full swing to adore students with the wings made up of “The 4cs”- Critical thinking & problem-solving, creativity & innovation, communication and collaboration to let them soar high and enable them to procure their Individuality in this rapidly changing society. The multifarious activities planned and organized for all age groups are evidence of the fact that students at Aadharshila are not restricted to classroom learning, they are ignited with the strong desire to explore and experiment, design their own opinion and be adaptive to various viewpoints. Time and again students are given opportunities to provide fuel to their inquisitive brains by helping them explore concepts via various workshops, camps and excursions – Astronomy camp was the core of experiential learning last year as it helped Students acquire vast knowledge about solar systems using well equipped electronic gadgets in the Robotic Lab (equipped with sensor operated smart box). Learning about the vast distances between various planets via technology not just made them excited but also honed their creativity too.

Students at Aadharshila open the realms of knowledge through research study through their extensive Exploration in the Robotics lab, Chemistry lab, physics lab, Language Lab, I.T lab, and Math Lab, Social Science Lab which are the central figures of our school.

The other power-packed feature of the school which has proved to encourage active participation through interactive learning is THE Digital Learning equipped with an extensive range of content covering all subjects for all classes engaging students with game- based practice, in-video quizzes and other stimulating activities. It has been appreciated for its real-time updated curriculum that is tailored to the New Education Policy- promoting creativity and innovation. ‘Subject Week Celebration’ is just another avenue that has driven students to fall in love with their favourite subject, therefore, promoting academic interest as it not just strengthens their subject knowledge but creativity too – bringing in opportunities for self-expression. Each Subject Week- ‘English Week- Linguistic Fiesta, Social Science Week, Cyber Week, Maths Week, and Science Week undertakes an end number of inter-school activities rendering impetus to magnify their interest and skills. The outcome is well seen when this year our budding writer's work got selected to be published under the Bribooks summer book writing festival with NDTV and Disney as media partners.

The other Successful endeavour which has made students conscious of their environment time and again is an accomplishment of certain DOE activities like Rashtriya Poshan Maah, Veergatha 2.0 Programme, Global Millets (Shree Anna) Conference - Celebrating the International Year of Millets – students undoubtedly turned more interactive and could actively absorb information. Likewise, The School’s Participation was fully earnest even for certain CBSE activities and celebrations of special days which are Quiz- G20, Jigyasa- The Heritage Quiz, cyber smart, poster making on earth day, Students outreach program- Road Safety: roles and responsibility, fit India Quiz, a celebration of international yoga day, world health day, green day celebration.  It was a matter of great Pride when one of our students – Saanvi Mongia was awarded at the PM House for winning Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Poster Making Competition on Parakram Diwas- Ntaji’s 126th Jayanti.

Apart from enabling students to acquire knowledge from various ends resulting in high-notch performances of the students in academics (100%Result in the session 2022-23 gives a glimpse of such performances wherein we have 100 scorers in various subjects) Aadharshila equally focuses on students' participation in extracurricular activities which gives a sense of purpose and fulfilment to growing students. School’s annual functions outreaching students of all ages have always been appreciated for setting the stage ablaze with their cultural performances with various dance forms, musical notes and acting techniques. Keeping health and fitness in mind also discerning the passion of students for sports the school has provided a window of opportunities to display their magnificent skills in their chosen sports. Winning laurels in various competitions like North West District Yogasana Competition, 26th RAMJAS BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2022, CBSE Inter School Skating Competition 2022-2023, North West District Athletics Championship 2022, Indian Sports National Games 2022, Delhi State Yogasana State Championship 2022 -23, Khelo-India Youth Games 2022-2023 etc. has always made Aadharshila gleaming with joy.

Aadharsila Vidyapeeth’s outstanding efforts in prospering global citizens- are well exemplified when it’s felicitated with various awards creating a benchmark for others. Aadharshila Vidyapeeth won and Pioneer Ranking among the Top 10 Premium Schools of Delhi in the Times School Survey 2022, The second being - Best School Award 2022-23 and Educator of the Year 2022-23 by National Olympiad Foundation, Aadharshila Vidyapeeth was delighted to announce its biggest accomplishment as it was accorded with prestigious Bronze Medal in School Enterprise Challenge under the programme 'Teach a Man to Fish 2022 organised by 'The Saville Foundation This is just the beginning, have a long way to go in creating Writers, players, Artists, Scientists, and researchers in a way great future builders!