Kothari International School, Noida was established in the year 2006. Nested with a Co-educational campus spread over 8 acres in the clean and spacious Sector 50 of NOIDA, truly epitomizes the concept of a modern educational institution.

At KIS, it is our endeavor to empower our students with knowledge and skills through engaged learning; ensure the pursuit of tertiary education of their choice and make them custodians of their own physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Our students shall also seek seamless transition into adult life; become useful members of the communities in which they live and promote tolerance, world peace, and tranquility.

Kothari International School is the first choice for aspiring achievers. School offers a quality education with a perfect blend of modernity and traditional values supported by a highly qualified and dedicated staff. A nurturing place for young learners which give them the comfort and conductive environment for learning. A school, where each child gets personal attention due to its ideal teacher student ratio of 1:12. A school which is committed to provide holistic excellence with tremendous enthusiasm and spirit to create a confident, happy, mindful and ideal citizen for the nation.

KIS is an illustrious institution, where excellence thrives and a plethora of extraordinary facilities await the discerning minds of our esteemed students. Our sprawling campus is a heaven for intellectual exploration and artistic ingenuity, encompassing a myriad of clubs that cater to diverse interests and kindle the flames of passion within our student body. Whether it be the Literary Society for aspiring wordsmiths, the Robotics Club and Astronomy Club for budding engineers, the Eco Club for environmentally conscious minds, or the Cyber Genie for the programmers and many more.

The academic progess of our institution is fortified by a series of advanced subject- specific labs, which include state-of-the-art Maths Lab, Science Lab, Biology Lab, Chemistry Lab, Astronomy Lab, Home Science Lab and Computer Lab. In these meticulously designed laboratories, students engage in hands-on experiments, unraveling the mysteries of the natural world and mastering complex scientific concepts. Children are provided AR/VR experiences and every Classroom is a smart classroom.

We are committed to provide Competency and skill based education for our children by skill based subjects like AI, Coding, Data Handling and Financial and Digital Literacy to our students. We encourage our children to explore their latest talents by offering them 24 different clubs to choose from and within 15 different sports facilities in the school.

At our school, we believe in the transformative power of good nutrition. With a dedicated team of culinary experts and nutritionists, we take pride in offering breakfast and lunch options that not only tantalize taste buds but also nourish young bodies and minds.

A vibrant hub for career development, our school hosts regular career fairs and extends internships to every child, fostering a seamless transition into the professional realm. Our distinguished faculty, renowned for their unwavering dedication and profound expertise, form the backbone of our institution, nurturing young minds with boundless zeal and wisdom.

Promoting an environment of open communication and a robust feedback system, we ensure that every student's voice is heard and valued, their aspirations embraced, and their dreams nurtured.

  •  Pre Nursery - XII
  •  8 acres lush green campus with World Class Infrastructure
  •  Offering CBSE & Cambridge curriculum
  •  1:14 Teacher-Student Ratio
  •  22 Subjects offered in Grade 11 & 12
  •  Highly trained & professional faculty
CAMBRIDGE - Your Gateway to the World

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” is a quote that meticulously describes The Cambridge Education System.

It is indeed: Education Redefined!

A comprehensive global presence with a curriculum objectivized towards Practical Knowledge, strengthening conceptual understanding meanwhile encouraging the application of the same is the mantra at Cambridge. Rather than dwelling and adhering to the use of a defined, restricted way of expression; you learn the courage to illustrate the conceptualization that resembles you and not a textbook definition: you learn to apply your edification to real-life scenarios rather than answering a monotonous, redundant set of questions.

A regularly updating education policy that incorporates new developments and adapts to the needs of today’s world.

How has Cambridge benefited Kotharians?

An education stratagem constructed on the profound attributes of confidence, responsibility, reflection, innovation, and engagement presents students with focus, motivation, challenge, and a zeal to learn.

A flexible and linear Assessment of conceptual knowledge, deep thinking, and intricate logical reasoning molds their knowledge into an applicable and understandable collection of convictions.

Motivating innovation and research along with cross-curricula connections incentivize students desire to demonstrate and improve their skills.