A 'Beacon' of progressive education

In a world of conventional education systems, there I stands a remarkable institution that 'dares' to be different – Beacon High. Situated in the hub of Khar West, this ICSE school, led by Principal Dr. Kashmira Jamali and Vice Principal Mrs. S. Sumaya, strongly advocates the moo "We Dare To Care". Beacon High takes pride in nurturing young minds from their pre-primary years to grade 10, shaping them into well rounded individuals equipped for life's challenges. Celebrating inclusion and diversity, Beacon High creates an atmosphere of belongingness and understanding, promoting a positive learning environment. At the heart of Beacon High lies Small Wonders, its pre-primary section, a state-of-the-art and stimulating learning center, where learning is a joyful adventure. Toddlers from pre-nursery to higher kindergarten explore and learn through play-based activities like music, dance, art, yoga, swimming, and more, fostering a solid foundation for academic success and overall growth.

In Grades 1 to 5, personalized learning at Beacon High thrives through small classes, while middle school (Grades 6 to 8) emphasizes personal growth with innovative subjects like Coding and Social Emotional Learning, fostering passion and talent. Beacon High guides Grades 9 and 10 students for academic and personal excellence, preparing them for higher education.

Significant features of Beacon High:

1. Embracing every child's unique needs through an Open Door Policy and a close-knit team of teachers and professionals.

2. Diversified Curriculum promoting learning through thematic days, research units, and projects.

3. Extracurricular Activities such as sports, drama, music, dance, marathons, athletic meets, annual days, and musical concerts.

4. Enhanced Learning Experiences through educational excursions, adventure camps, and field trips, providing practical exposure beyond the classroom.

5. Technological Integration with "smart classes" and the EDUVISION Learning App, offering interactive and engaging learning experiences.

6. Innovative Teaching Practices, encouraging teachers to create Innovative materials showcased at the TEACH MAT exhibition every two years.

7. Focus on Personality Development, Social Emotional Life Skills, Global and Environmental Awareness through in-house programmes and clubs like 'The Beacon Interact Club' and 'Prakruti'.

8. Career Guidance with a dedicated Career Counselling Cell providing support from Grade 7 to Grade 10, including vocational guidance testing in Grades 9 and 10.

9. Student Support Unit addressing individual needs in intellectual, emotional, social, and behavioral aspects, providing personalized assistance

Parents and students alike find the Beacon High experience enriching and life changing. he school empowers students for varied careers, proven by successful alumni stories, highlighting exceptional preparation. Beacon High's commitment to excellence has reaped recognition and awards, including the Global School Leader's Consortium Inspire 3.0 Award (2023), Global Edu Icons Award (2023), Education World Grand Jury Award (2022-23), Singhania Excellence Education Award (2022), and The Free Press Journal Award for Sustainability and Inclusive Education (2022). Beacon High shapes global citizens through transformative, inclusive education, fostering adaptable young minds.