Tired of scrolling all day in between work to find the right school for your little one? With ads popping up everywhere on the internet, choosing the right school that meets your expectations is not an easy task. We heard you! EducationToday is conducting the NexGen School Admission Expo to help you find the right place of learning for your child. We welcome all parents to make use of this event which is scheduled on November 4 and 5 at Vega City Mall, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru.

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But why us?

We, EducationToday, have been pioneers in the education field, starting from covering education- related news coverage to hosting events that matter. One such big event, the NexGen School Admission Expo is conducted every year. It is one of Bengaluru’s biggest and most-awaited School Admission Fair where you can choose the best with some benefits to take home as well. Scroll down to know more!

Which schools are part of this event?

Top schools across Bengaluru have come forward to participate in this event. You can choose across categories as follows:

. CBSE School Admission Expo in Bengaluru

. ICSE School Admission Expo in Bengaluru

. Boarding School Admission Expo 2023 in Bengaluru

. International School Admission Expo in Bengaluru

. Day School Admission Expo in Bengaluru

Why shouldn’t you miss this opportunity?

As parents, we would like to give the best to our kids. Hence, this event gives you an opportunity to understand the schools’ USP’s, curriculum, infrastructure, and facilities offered. This will help you compare the schools all under one roof instead of visiting these schools in person or listing them on paper to review their websites. That’s too much work!

Along with comparison made easy, you get an array of benefits by attending this event on these days,

. Spot admissions

. Pre book offers

. Special discounts

. Scholarships

. Counseling sessions to develop an understanding of schools

. Develop a rapport between parents and educators and much more…

Our most unique feature is the campus walk through which provides parents and children to look and feel the campus despite not visiting the schools physically. Isn’t that cool enough? So, what are you waiting for? Pre-register here and be a part of the expo, choose the best from the best for your ward, and go back home, satisfied. That’s our promise!