The AryaGlobal Group of schools is notable for striving towards building an environmentally conscious generation as the management strongly believes that 'environment is the third teacher'. 
“Just two decades ago, as I would travel to Kalyan, I can vouch that we were living amidst nature. Things have changed. Now I pass societies named after flowers (some very exotic too). We walk into several 'woods’, only that they have high rises instead of tall trees. Indeed, much has changed!” - Dr. Neelam Malik, Director, AryaGlobal Schools.
All through the academic year, students got a chance to learn, explore and discuss issues surrounding sustainability by participating in the Save the Soil movement, Earth Day, and Clean Environment campaign.
The culmination of all this was its Annual Day events. The theme- Maha Amrutam, reflected the schools' passion for environmental conservation and sustainability. The first part depicted the treasures of the great rivers of India in a story form. The second part described the magnificence, the usefulness, and the role of Mangroves in ensuring bio-diversity and eco-system in a story form.

Arya Gurukul is aligned with the National Education Policy 2020, the National Curriculum Framework, the National Credit Framework, and the G-20. Throughout the year, students have engaged in various field trips such as a nature trail, visited the Mangroves in Mumbai, the Yusuf Mehralli Centre, and a farm studio in Wada.
Under the leadership of Dr. Malik, the schools are heading towards becoming one of the most eco-friendly campuses in the country. Students spend time in the Gaushala. They have made their own 'Khet' by designing the land, studying the soil, and even harvesting the crops. They draw inspiration from nature by writing stories and poems, thus integrating academics into 'green' activities.
The schools also participated in a Mega Plastics Waste Collection Drive and a Workshop on "Plastics and Recyclability & Sustainability”.Thus, the students can claim that they have walked the talk.
Further, the schools' efforts involve all the stakeholders – students, teachers, management, admin staff as well as parents, making it a true Green School.