Explore Hill Range High School: where holistic growth, top-tier facilities, and a child-centric atmosphere converge. We believe in nurturing each student's potential, providing both support and challenge. With skilled educators, premium resources, and timeless values, we cultivate well-rounded individuals, fostering high standards and global citizenship. Welcome to a unique educational journey at Hill Range High School, nestled in 2 acres in Bhilar, Panchgani, Maharashtra. We offer Co-Ed education from Jr. Kg to Grade X, emphasizing a harmonious, stimulating environment that nurtures independent thinking and self-discovery.

To promote National and Global integration with knowledge and skill provided with multi-disciplinary learning opportunities. To develop a confident understanding of one's role in international society by fostering values of honesty, teamwork, leadership, sensitivity, and social responsibility. To be Empowered with values to contribute towards Global Peace.

Academic success offers opportunities and future triumphs. Yet, at Hill Range High School, values hold equal significance. Our education integrates core values into every academic and extracurricular endeavor, shaping our essence.

Whether you're a part of our Hill Range family or a well-wisher, our shared passion lies in nurturing the next generation's growth. Our mission involves fostering both National and Global integration through multidisciplinary learning, equipping students with knowledge and skills. Home, our initial learning ground, and parents, our first educators, shape our earliest perceptions of education. The school then becomes a joyful haven, a knowledge sanctuary, and a second home. All remarkable concepts begin with a commitment to the future..

Vision propels the creation of your identity, while holistic education empowers students to embody that vision. As newcomers to the world, every fall, every rise marks a profound life experience. This phase is pivotal, as every tiny mark and impression contributes to molding one's character.

Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students, and enthusiastic parents with high expectations". - Bob Beepers.

Hill Range High School focuses on holistic education with academic excellence. Our devoted staff, innovative methods, and nurturing environment foster curiosity, teamwork, and discipline. Challenging co-curricular and sports prepare students for the future. As parents, expect an enriching journey for your ward with us.

Mrs Tayjaswni Jatiieen Bhilare
School Director

Choosing the right school is vital for every parent seeking academic excellence, values, and discipline for their children. In our rapidly evolving world, education must extend beyond traditional subjects, nurturing 21st -century skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. These skills are crucial for embracing forthcoming challenges and opportunities.