A Hub of Holistic Learning and Emotional Intelligence

Priyadarshani Group of Schools prioritizes holistic growth, nurturing emotional intelligence. Dr. Jitendraa Siingh, the Trustee, sees education as beyond skill development, aiding nation-building. Education is crucial for diverse human endeavors, fostering respect in youth. With a diverse range of programs and activities, the school provides a well-rounded education that goes beyond academics. From emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence, coding, and martial arts to offering top-notch science labs, IT labs, and also preparation for competitive exams, Priyadarshani School has created an environment that inspires and empowers its students.

Emphasis on Emotional Intelligence:

At Priyadarshani School, emotional intelligence is emphasized. Dr. Jitendraa Siingh believes in merging character-building with a scientific approach. Late Shri Indraman Singh's vision was an institute nurturing wisdom over grades. We continue his legacy, aspiring to provide an excellent education. The school's PHONEMIC INTELLIGENCE program has significantly improved students' reading skills and language proficiency, making studying enjoyable and empowering them with effective communication skills. Additionally, the Heart Math program has taught valuable emotional intelligence and stress management skills, making a positive impact on students' personal growth.

Empowering with Coding and AI:

Priyadarshani School's Skills Build program provides students with an exciting opportunity to delve into the world of coding, data science, and AI. This innovative program acts as a magical toolbox filled with essential tech skills, empowering students to become future-ready and inspiring them to explore the possibilities of technology.

Exploring Science through Top-Notch Labs:

Priyadarshani School's advanced labs make learning hands-on and exciting. Students explore science via experiments, nurturing curiosity. Science Olympiad emphasis enhances knowledge and problem-solving for competitions.

Promoting Discipline and Confidence through Martial Arts:

The school trusts the students to rise as winners in the growing competitive world and develop as ideal citizens of the country, preserving our values and responding to their responsibilities with confidence, impeccable character, and discerning judgment. The Marshal Cadet program at Priyadarshani School instills discipline, respect, and self-confidence in students. By learning self-defense skills and engaging in martial arts, students not only become physically stronger but also develop essential life skills.

A Place of Inclusivity and Support:

Priyadarshani School promotes community, inclusivity, and diversity appreciation. Faculty ensures holistic growth, backing students' passions. Dr. Jitendraa Siingh's teaching journey shaped him and expanded his father's dream into 7 branches run by dedicated siblings. Priyadarshani School is a beacon of holistic education, where students are encouraged to embrace their passions, develop essential life skills, and thrive in a supportive community. With its focus on emotional intelligence, coding, martial arts, and a wide array of extracurricular activities, Priyadarshani School is truly a wonderful institution that shapes well-rounded individuals ready to take on the challenges of the future.