All government and private schools in areas bordering the Yamuna river in Delhi will remain closed on July 17 and 18, the Directorate of Education (DoE) said on Sunday. All flood-hit schools may arrange online classes, it said. Parts of Delhi have been inundated after the Yamuna in the city breached its banks following days of heavy rains in its upper catchment areas, prompting the evacuation of thousands from low-lying areas. "As flood relief camps are likely to continue to run in schools in the areas bordering the river Yamuna, all schools (government and private) in the affected Districts of DoE -- East, North East, NorthWest-A, North, Central and South East -- shall remain closed for students on July 17 and 18," the DoE said in a circular. The schools affected due to the floods may arrange online classes, it said. All schools in the remaining DoE districts (North West-B, West-A, West-B, South, South West-A, South West-B and New Delhi) shall remain open, the circular stated."The Heads of Schools in these seven districts are at liberty to run (classes) in physical mode or hybrid mode (either offline or online) as per the convenience of their students. Heads of such schools must inform the parents about their decision well in advance," it said.