Founded in 1865, it is one of the oldest established  boarding schools  in  Asia .
Bishop Cotton's began in 1865 due to Bishop Cotton's proposal. It opened on April 19, accommodating boys and girls in Westward Ho, High Grounds. In 1871, 14 acres on St. Mark's Road became home, with separate areas for boys and girls. In 1911, Stafford House was acquired, giving Bishop Cotton Girls School its own identity. In 1915, funds were allocated for the admin block and quad. More buildings followed in the 1950s and 1960s, including the Chapel of the Holy Family.

The first Indian principal to take charge of the school was CA (Acca) Joseph in 1963. Extracurricular activities include sports, debate, creative writing, dramatics, declamation, verse speaking, and choir.


Administered as Junior, Middle, Senior School, we follow three terms with exams. Class X takes ICSE by early March. Class XII sits for ISC. ICSE covers English, language, History, Civics, Geography, Environmental Ed, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Home Science/Computer Applications/Fine Arts/Physical Education. ISC offers Science, Commerce, Arts. English, Environmental Ed are compulsory in both streams.

For Science stream: English, Environmental Ed, Physics, Chemistry, Math/Home Science, and choice among Biotech, Comp Sci, Hindi, Kannada, Fine Arts, Biology.

For Commerce stream: Accountancy, Commerce, choice among Business Studies, Math, Economics, Comp Sci, Fine Arts, Env Science.

For Humanities stream: English, Political Science, Psychology, Environment Science, History choices include Elective English, Phsical Education, Economics, Computer Science, Fine Art, Home Science, Mass Media & Communication.

Dr. Mrs. Mithran emerged as the School topper in her Class X examinations. She pursued B.Sc and thereafter M.Sc and was the University topper in both. She was also the recipient of a Gold Medal for M.Sc. On completion of her M.Sc. she had the unique privilege of teaching post graduate students.

Dr. Mrs. Mithran is also the recipient of the Mother Teresa Shiksha Rattan Award, Mahila Jyoti Award and National Education Excellence Award for 2017. Praxis Media Pvt. Ltd., (India’s leading Media & Marketing group) awarded the Best Principal of the Year 2017 to Dr. Mrs. Lavanya Mithran at the National Excellence Awards 2017 and later in 2019 she was recognized and awarded as one of the Top 50 Effective Principals in the country by Education Today. She continues at the helm of this 156 year old institution quietly walking the road less travelled and motivating her team to reach for the stars.