The Greenwood High Schools offers a diverse range of educational programmes, including IB, IGCSE, ISC, ICSE, and the Integrated Primary Years Programme. The school employs various teaching methods, including theme-based, concept-based, exploration-based, student- centric, and differentiated learning, catering to students with different abilities.

Our students are not only academically successful but also excel in sports, co-curricular activities, and arts. They have achieved outstanding results in ICSE/ISC exams, and have participated in theatre productions, showcasing their artistic talents. The school provides workshops and opportunities for students to enhance their skills further.

The school's infrastructure is designed to support effective teaching and learning, with well- equipped classrooms and an environment conducive to learning, free from noise and pollution. The low teacher-to-student ratio is a cornerstone of their teaching approach.

In addition to the curriculum, Greenwood High offers a wide range of extracurricular activities to promote holistic development in students. The school emphasises character building, lifelong skill development, and the cultivation of social skills, including communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

As students progress from Grade V to X, the pace of academics accelerates, and their intellectual, aesthetic, physical, and cultural growth is further strengthened.

In the middle school years, Greenwood High focuses on preparing students both academically and personally for the challenges ahead. It offers a college-preparatory curriculum while paying close attention to each student's individual development and emotional well-being. Unique electives are provided to help students explore and deepen their interests and abilities. The school believes in the continuous development of students intelligence and offers various activities and programmes to stimulate their potential.

The emphasis on balancing academics and extracurricular activities aims to equip students with character-building lessons, lifelong skills, and essential social skills, such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, preparing them for success in the real world.

This academic year Greenwood High Bannerghatta has introduced an international curriculum and the future plans include a Cambridge Curriculum up to Grade 10 (IGCSE) & Grade 12 (IBDP).

Greenwood High emphasises the school's commitment to providing an excellent education. Here are some key points:

Reputation for Excellence: Greenwood High is recognised for its excellence in education, and it has become a sought-after institution for parents seeking quality education for their children.

Tailored Academic Programme: It focuses on helping students develop their unique talents, fostering empathy and compassion for others, and building confidence in their abilities.

Learning Linked to Self and World Understanding: The school believes that students learn best when their education is directly connected to their understanding of themselves and their knowledge of the world.

Curiosity and Critical Thinking: The curriculum at Greenwood High is rooted in curiosity and interdisciplinary critical thinking. This means that students are encouraged to ask questions, explore different subjects, and think critically across various disciplines.

Nurturing Students Gifts: The school recognises and nurtures the individual gifts and talents of each student. This approach encourages students to develop their unique strengths and interests.

Challenging Learning Environments: Greenwood High challenges students with developmentally appropriate and engaging learning experiences. This helps them grow and prepare for their future roles as leaders and contributors to society.

Learning as Purpose: We emphasise that learning is not just about acquiring knowledge's an exercise in purpose, self-understanding, and preparing for the responsibilities of leadership and service in the future.

In summary, the school's commitment to providing a well-rounded education not only imparts knowledge but also nurtures students personal growth, critical thinking abilities, and capacity to make a positive impact on the world.

Congratulations to the students who achieved outstanding results in the ICSE exams for the academic year 2022-23. Shivani Neelamraju's remarkable performance with an aggregate of 99.40% and a 3rd position All India Rank is truly commendable. It's also worth acknowledging the exceptional achievements of Shriyaa Sohni with 99%, Shreya Verma with 98%, and Avishi Jhajharia with 98%. Such high scores reflect the dedication and hard work of both the students and the school's educators. It's a testament to the commitment to academic excellence at Greenwood High Bannerghatta.

The school has also been ranked No.2 in India & No.1 in both Karnataka and Bangalore under co-ed Day-cum-boarding schools by Education World India School Rankings 2022- 23.