May all the scholars and great souls be in unison with each other and may we tread on the path accordingly. —Rig Veda

Mody School, established in 1989 by Shri R.P. Mody, is an exclusive girls' English medium residential school spanning classes III to XII, affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi. It holds a prominent status in girls' education, maintaining the highest standards in academics and administration.

The school proudly belongs to the global Round Square network of Schools and serves as a YES center for the International Award for Young People, initiated by the Duke of Edinburgh, London. Additionally, Mody School stands as the first Northern Indian school certified as Green School Platinum.

Service is the schools core philosophy, emphasizing the nobility of service. Guided by the teachings of SHRIMAD BHAGWAD GEETA, the school imparts these lessons to students in Classes III to VIII. Character development is a top priority as it forms the foundation of humanity. The institution's mission is to foster an environment that nurtures new ideas and innovation, cultivating future leaders and innovators. It addresses contemporary issues at local, regional, national, and global levels while advancing education and collaborative research. A sustainable ecosystem is envisioned, promoting cutting-edge research, academic growth, and collaborative projects, fostering interaction between academia and industry. Ultimately, Mody School strives to unleash human potential, producing intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders across various professions.

||    Tejsvi  Navadhitamastu    || Strive for Excellence

The message from ‘Taitreya Upanishad’ has been taken as the school motto and encapsulates our vision and mission that every person is a life-long learner. This knowledge is to be applied in practical life to make us morally sound and independent individuals.

The Mody School campus is beautifully landscaped with waterfalls, gushing fountains, orchards, lush green lawns, and water bodies, transforming the Shekhawati belt of the Thar Desert into an oasis. 100 species of birds (certified by ornithologists from World Wildlife Fund-India) and 12 species of butterflies (certified by lepidopterologists from WWF-India) add more to the scenic beauty of the campus.

As a part of the Mody Education Foundation which has over 3 decades of experience in educating girls and transforming them into women, the School of Etiquette and Finishing Skills (SEFS) brings to all girls a host of unique courses to help them transition into suave, self-assured leaders, who are poised and confident in all facets of life whether it is handling a job, a home or even being an entrepreneur.

Come here to learn and retain the best of the Indian and International cultures, values, and etiquette.