Best technology integration

The year 2020 was a year of unlearning and learning for the world, which saw internet become the lifeline for all aspects of life. However, Redbridge had already had vision & foresight to invest in D2C models in Education, much ahead in time!

The Technology driven campus of Redbridge International Academy is in line with the aspirations of parents in 21st Century. Technology is at play at all levels of the school, be it Reaching, Campus security, Surveillance, Cafeteria, transport, Classroom, Hostel or Facility management.

Technology in Classrooms:

State of Art technology along with an interactive smart board for teaching and learning assures student engagement, attention span, conceptual learning, optimisation of time, accelerated learning, hands on experience and much more. Unlike conventional schools where the use of smart board is only for projection or just for display, the smart boards used at Redbridge are touch enabled while being connected to the Internet and hence brings the plethora of digital resources, resplendent with Graphics and easy to grasp content that help children recollect the images while revising the content at home.

A digital testing platform not only helps children get instant results for tests taken but also enables them look up correct answers if they had goofed up. Any content on the board can straightaway be emailed to the kids or parents, if required.

The Audio Visual learning helps in recollecting the topics learnt. Redbridge has invested in a library of creative content for every topic on varied subjects to aids in comprehensive learning experience.

So as to ensure world-class education. Redbridge has invested in state of art software and online learning aids for their students. Some of them are (1) Robotics AI python & coding curriculum & Innovation Research Lab (2) Wings of Words (Wow), (3) Mindspark, (4) Bee Curious infinite learning possibilities a curriculum integrated hands on stem program.

Technology in Classrooms:

 A) The ID cards of the children are smart cards. These ID cards can be used on the bus to mark attendance, Cafeteria, Library, school stores, Payment of fees etc. The card enables the child to be instantly tracked on the campus and also helps the parent check on their movement on the school fleet. Children can borrow books from Library, buy a meal from the cafeteria, and purchase something from the school stores without having to carry any money!

B) Pocket Money Cards another technical imitative taken by RBIA is to shortly commence the swipe card for use by students for their pocket money this is not only avoid cash handling by the student but also gives notification to parents after each spends so that parents are aware of transaction and parents can set up transaction limits for their wars and also top-up the amount as an when required for their wards in the hostel.

Technology in School Bus:

The GPS used in the transport fleet is not hard wired to the bus unlike most schools. A device manned by the attendant on the bus helps tracking the location of the bus, mark attendance of the child as soon as they board the bus, share the location of the student to their parents, helps in identifying the guardian or helper assigned to each student before the child is handed over at the respective stops .It informs the attendant and the parent of any cross boarding, alerts the driver and the attendant if a child has not boarded the bus at school (after having come to school on the bus), alerts the admin for unauthorised stops, deviation of route, over speeding etc. Thus the technology employed on the school fleets helps the school and the parents rest assured that their ward is safe and well cared for.

Technology in Communication:

Cutting edge technology is employed in communications at Redbridge. Any Incoming call to Redbridge is received at the front desk. The same can be re-routed to any part of the school. The KTS used can handle 100 simultaneous calls and will never have a busy tone. The school also used a Toll free number and a Virtual receptionist , that will use the Round Robin technique to ensure no call goes unanswered. The state-of-art Digital communication portal enables the school to communicate with a single student or students of a particular class or a particular house or a particular bus route or even the entire school. The staffs and parents can apply for leave on the portal, check out the school menu, events, calendar, time tables, exam schedules and the Progress reports.

Technology in Exams:

Redbridge uses a signature app for internal tests to be conducted for students. There is an auto correct module for MCQ’s. Children can look up the correct answers after submission of their answers to understand the error in judgement made. The technology maps the Childs performance and gives insight to the teacher on the repetitive mistakes being made by the child in a particular area of a subject or the overall progress made by the child and the graph of the progress. Thus the teacher can take a call on tutoring the child and clearing the apprehensions being faced in that particular area.

Technology in Surveillance:

The plethora of  “ Sensor mounted “ CCTV cameras across the campus helps in maintaining security on the campus, in class rooms, in activity rooms, corridors, Play ground area, auditorium and the arena, hostel, cafeteria, parking, school buses, security gate and campus perimeter provides the sense of security to those on the campus. The movement of all personnel are tracked all across the campus. These cameras are equipped with sensors that detect motion after the set hours , and trigger the security personal in case of intrusion or unauthorised movement. The cameras are IR enabled to record at night in hi resolution.

New-age Technology is at Work , at all levels at Redbridge. Though technology cannot  replace the human effort and intelligence, it can supplement the efforts towards excellence in teaching & Education. . Technology along with passion & values go hand in hand to deliver a personalised Unique learning experience , that has been curated by the Redbridge management , which has demonstrated the ambition, agility, adaptability to new-age & cutting edge Technology, so as to be “ future- ready” !